Absa Spotify Rewards

Absa Spotify Rewards, How To Get The Offer & Benefits

In our guide today, we will show you how the Absa Spotify rewards work in South Africa.

Absa has partnered with the world’s leading streaming platform, Spotify, to bring you digital vouchers on your banking app.

You will also earn rewards as you stream music with Spotify.

You can earn up to a 30% discount when you stream with this platform and pay your subscriptions using the Absa banking app.

We will show you a few essential things you need to note about these rewards.

What You Need To Know

Rewards are limited to the first combined R3 000 in all the qualifying transactions per Absa rewards member.

Transactions must be made through the banking app to qualify for the rewards.

A negative earn will be placed in place for credit vouchers.

The subscription prices are subject to change at any time, and Absa will not claim any liability. 

Absa is also not liable for any cancellations or changes by Spotify.

The subscriptions are not guaranteed the lowest price in the market at the time as the prices vary with time.

There is no bank earn when you make payments from the banking up, but instead, it is Spotify that will earn.

These are the key things to note about the Absa Spotify rewards in South Africa.

How To Get The Absa Spotify Rewards In South Africa 

You need to buy your Spotify vouchers on the Absa banking app.

The payments will be deducted from your Absa transactional account.

You should also renew your subscriptions using this app.

You, therefore, need to be subscribed to the Spotify premium and not the free subscription.

This is how you get the Absa Spotify rewards to offer in South Africa.

Absa Spotify Rewards

You can earn up to 30% cash rewards depending on your rewards tier on Spotify.

Tier 1 subscribers earn 1% cash rewards, and tier 2 clients earn 1.75% cash rewards.

Tier 3 and 4 earn 2.30% and 7.50% cash rewards, respectively.

Tier 5, which is the highest rank, earns 30% cash rewards.

Tier 1 comprises zero to 499 points, tier 2 500 to 599 points, and tier 3 consists of 600to 699 points.

Tier 4 consists of 700 to 799 points, and above 800 points are categorized under tier 5.

This is all you need to know about Absa Spotify rewards in South Africa.

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