What Do I Need To Claim At Assupol

What Do I Need To Claim At Assupol, Get Full List Below

It is important to know all the requirements when you are filing a claim at Assupol. In this blog post, I’ll share with you what I need to claim at Assupol, highlighting the three major claims at Assupol and the requirements.

When you have all the requirements, it takes less time to process the claim.

If it is your first time to claim at Assupol, you may wonder what do I need but worry not because here you’ll find all the details.

What Do I Need For The Assupol Death Claim

The first type of claim you can file at Assupol is a death claim. You can file a death claim if you are a beneficiary of Assupol life or funeral policyholder.

Assupol recognizes that losing a loved one is never easy, which is why the firm has made the claim procedure simple and quick.

You will be paid a legitimate funeral benefit within 24 hours of obtaining full claim evidence.

The must-have documents when filing a death claim include

  •         Policy number
  •         Basic information (name, surname, ID number, and contact details)
  •         The deceased’s details
  •         Beneficiary filing the claim documents

Sometimes more documents may be required and if they are needed Company will contact you.

What Do I Need For The Assupol Maturity Claim

If you have a policy with Assupol and it has matured, you get to receive a letter or SMS notification informing you to fill out the claim.

For your maturity claim to be processed fast, you need to have the following documents;

  •         Policy number
  •         Basic information (name-surname, ID number, and contact details)
  •         Personal documents

What do I need for Assupol Savings Withdrawal?

If you have subscribed to any of the Assupol savings policies and five years are over, you are competent to file a Savings Withdrawal claim.

However, it depends on the savings products you have with Assupol.

Nevertheless, if you qualify for a savings withdrawal claim, here are documents that you need to have for your claim to be processed.

  •         policy number
  •         Basic information (name-surname, ID number, contact details)
  •         Personal documents

It is important to note that sometimes you may require submitting other documents not highlighted here, but you’ll receive a request from Assupol. 

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