Servus Credit Union Routing Number

Servus Credit Union Routing Number, Official Routing Number

Today our article will focus on Servus credit union routing number in Canada.

We will first show you what a routing number is.

What Is A Routing Number

Banks and financial institutions are identified by their unique routing number.

A routing number comprises the transit number and an institution number.

The transit number shows the specific branch of the bank or financial institution.

The institution number identifies your bank or financial institution.

The routing number helps to form your account number.

Now that you have the basic knowledge of a routing number, we will show you what you need to know about the Servus credit union routing number.

 Servus Credit Union Routing Number

The number contains eight digits.

The first five digits are the institution’s transit number, showing the specific branch you opened your account.

The next three digits represent Servus credit union. These identify the bank and distinguish it from other financial institutions.

 Routing numbers are used to process cheques and electronic transactions.

These include direct deposits, funds transfers, digital cheques, recurring loans, and bill payments.

This is all you need to know about the Servus routing number in Canada.

Now that you know the routing number, we will show you the different formats to Canada’s Servus CU routing number.

What Are The Formats To Routing Numbers

There are two (2) different formats to routing numbers.

The electronic transaction routing numbers (ETF) use the format 0XXXYYYYY

The Paper Transactions Transit Numbers (MICR) uses the form YYYYY-XXX

XXX, in this case, represents the institution number, and YYYYY is the transit number.

For the ETF, the routing number format is a leading zero, the institution number, and the branch number, all with no dashes.

The MICR starts with the transit number, a dash, and then the institution number.

These are the formats to Servus credit union routing numbers in Canada.

We will now show you how you can find the Servus credit union in Canada.

How To Find The Servus Credit Union Routing Number

You can check on the websites with the list of banks in Canada.

When you log-in to your online banking, you will get your credit union routing number.

You can also find the routing number in a bank-issued cheque, bank statement, or deposit slip.

The routing number is at the bottom-most part of a cheque. 

This is how you find the Servus credit union routing number in Canada.

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