Servus Credit Union Institution Number Explained (Canada)

Servus Credit Union Institution Number Explained (Canada)

Are you curious to know the Servus credit union institution number in Canada? Read through this guide to understand more.

Servus institution number is the number that identifies the bank.

We will start by defining an institution number as used in the banking world.

What Is An Institution Number

An institution number is a three-digit code assigned to a specific financial institution.

The number is different and unique for every other financial institution. 

Therefore, you can identify your bank or financial institution by using the allocated institution number. 

When writing your account number, you must include the number to identify the account number with the financial institution it is associated with. 

Now that you understand the concept, we will show you how to identify a Servus institution number in Canada.

Servus Credit Union Institution Number

The institution number for Edmonton Alberta Servus credit union is 899.

This is the code number for the financial institution.

We will go ahead and show you how to find a Servus institution number. 

How To Find A Servus Institution Number In Canada

To send money to or from the Servus credit union account, you need to have the three account details at hand. 

You need the financial institution number, branch transit number, and account number.

To find the Servus institution number (899), please use the options below:

1. Look at your checkbook

It is easy to locate the financial institution number if you have a checkbook.

Check the bottom-most part of the check.

You will notice some numbers there in three groups.

The second group of numbers consisting of three digits is the institution’s number. 

2. Log in to your internet banking.

When you log in to Servus credit union online banking, you should access the account number. 

The three digits at the middle of the numbers are your institution’s number.

3. Check the list with bank numbers.

You can check for the institution number from the list of bank codes in Canada.

Here you can get even the specific branch numbers.

4. Use a routing number.

Sometimes the institution number (899) is displayed as a routing number.

A routing number contains a leading zero, a three-digit financial institution number, and a five-digit branch number.

This is how to find a Servus credit union institution number (899) in Canada.

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