Robinhood ATM Withdrawal Limit

Robinhood ATM Withdrawal Limit, 2023, Daily, Weekly, & Monthly Limit

If you want to know the Robinhood ATM withdrawal limit in the US, check out this guide.

Robinhood is one of the best investment platforms on the market that allows people to trade a whole range of stocks, shares, ETFs, and equities online or through the mobile App.

Robinhood works with Sutton Bank to issue the Robinhood debit card.

The debit card is easy to access any available funds in your Robinhood brokerage account.

You can use your Robinhood debit card anywhere that Mastercard is accepted worldwide.

What Is The ATM Network 

You can withdraw cash from over 75,000 ATMs nationwide.

The card uses the Allpoint and MoneyPass ATM networks.

In addition, you have access to over 15,000 surcharge-free international ATMs.

Search from your mobile banking app for the closest in-network ATM for any locational information.

First, open the banking app and go to the Cash tab of the App, and scroll to the bottom of the page.

Tap See Nearby ATMs and all the ATMs within your area will be highlighted.

Most of the surcharge-free ATMs are located in convenience stores such as Walgreens, 7-Eleven, Costco, and Target.

This is the Robinhood ATM network in the US.

What Are The Charges For Robinhood ATM Cash Withdrawal

Withdraw cash at any in-network ATM free of charge.

You are charged an ATM operator fee when you withdraw at an out-of-network ATM.

When you use your Robinhood Mastercard abroad, Mastercard automatically converts currencies for you at a rate selected by them.

The merchant or ATM operator may charge you a currency conversion fee when withdrawing funds from a foreign ATM.

This is the Robinhood ATM withdrawal charge in the US.

Robinhood ATM Withdrawal Limit

The daily ATM withdrawal limit for the Robinhood card is $1,010.

The monthly Robinhood ATM withdrawal limit is$5,000.

There is no weekly ATM withdrawal limit for this card.

Robinhood reserves a right to impose additional limits on your card at your sole discretion.

This is all you need to know about Robinhood ATM withdrawal limits in the US.

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