What does IRS code 570 means on tax transcript

IRS Code 570 Meaning On 2023/2024 IRS Tax Transcript [Solved]

For those asking the question: “What does code 570 mean on IRS transcript 2023?” we have created this easy guide to help you answer that question.

In most cases, you will receive the tax transaction 570 on your IRS 2023 transcript with a future date.

That is pretty normal.

What is very challenging for most people is what the tax code actually means on the transcript.

But you definitely do not need to worry, as we have dedicated this guide to help explain everything in detail to your understanding.

In a later section of this tax guide, we will explain if you can reverse the IRS code 570 on your transcript.

Without wasting much of your precious time, let us begin.

But before that, take note of this:

This post is purely for educational purposes and does not claim to have any expertise in taxes, nor do we have any authorization or association with IRS.

With that out of the way, you can continue reading the rest of this guide.

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What does code 570 mean on IRS transcript 2023?

According to the Internal Revenue Service Pocket Guide definition, code 570 on your transcript means there was Additional Liability Pending or Credit Hold.

When you see IRS code 570 on your 2023 transcript, then it means there is a hold on your account due to additional reviews that is needed in order for the IRS to process your tax return. This prevents the agency from finalizing your return.

That is what IRS code 570 means on your transcript.

IRS Code 570 Meaning

IRS Code 570 Additional Account Action Pending Meaning

Here is a detailed guide on the meaning of the IRS code 570 on your Tax transcript:

According to the IRS Master File Codes, the tax transaction code 570 indicates additional liability pending. Freezes (—R freeze) module from refunding or offsetting credit out.

Tax Code 570 can be generated to establish frozen status by the following:


  • A return (Tax Code 150) posted with CCC “3” (IMF) or CCC “X” (BMF).
  • Document code 34 credit transaction input with credit freeze code.
  • Tax Code 670 posts creating a credit balance, and an unreversed Tax Code 420 or 424 is posted to the module.
  • A document Code 54 with Tax Code 291 and Priority Code 7 in blocking series 740-769.
  • Tax Code 150 blocking series 920-929.
  • Tax Code 24X with reference number 699.
  • Tax Code 680 if results in a credit balance of $5 or more.
  • TDI/DEL RET Refund Hold (Julian Date 999).

BMF: When Form 706 module, in installment status 14, goes to the credit balance.

BMF: Generated when form 706 (MFT 52) in status 14 (installment) goes to the credit balance, except when a prior Tax Code 460 is posted.

Use module control DLN. Frozen status released by the following:

  1. Tax Code 571 or 572.
  2. The module goes to zero or debit balance (except when the module contains any Tax Code with Doc Code 33 in the DLN.
  3. Posting of Tax Code 30X (except with disposal code 7 or 11).
  4. Posting of Tax Code 29X (except with priority code 6 or 7 or blocked 200-299).
  5. Tax Code 150.
  6. Tax Code 840 blocked 920-929.
  7. Tax Code 29X with TC 180 with zero amount if there is no unreversed TC 180 or 186 posted.
  8. Zero balance, Tax Code 290 or 300 PC 8, TC 571 or TC 572.

That is what you need to know about the IRS code 570 on your 2023 tax transcript.

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What Does IRS Code 570 With Future Date On Tax Transcript Mean?

I have seen most people on Reddit asking about the IRS code 570 with a future date. Yes, that is the case.

But here is what you need to know:

The transaction code issued on your transcript stops your return processing while 571 releases your return to be processed.

Under normal circumstances, the Internal Revenue Service will add extra weeks to check certain information.

If you have earned additional tax credit, then that probably delays.

A number of other factors may stop the processing.

Here are some of the reasons for credit hold:

  • Dependency issues
  • Unemployment benefits
  • Recovery rebate credit or stimulus payments

The IRS transaction code 570 issued on your 2023 tax transcript does not mean there is any negative reason.

Just bear in mind that your tax return will take a little longer time to be processed.

Please note that the date may indicate the date your return will start processing.

But to get the correct information pertaining to your particular circumstance, please you need to contact the IRS representative.

See also: What Code 766 Means.

What Is Additional Liability Pending Or Credit Hold On IRS 570 Transcript?

It could mean that you owe money to a government agency or something is amiss with your expected refund.

Please, to get the actual reason for additional liability or credit hold on your tax transcript, you need to contact IRS for details.

For those asking what does code 570 mean on the IRS tax transcript for 2023? Here you have the answer.

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How Do I Reverse IRS Code 570 On My Transcript?

You cannot reverse the Additional Liability Pending/or Credit Hold on your IRS transcript.

That is the work of the Internal Revenue Service.

If you need to have that issue resolved, then you need to contact IRS via phone or any appropriate means.

How Do I Know If Additional Liability Pending or Credit Hold Is Resolved On Tax Transcript?

If IRS resolves Additional Liability Pending/or Credit Hold, you will see the Tax Code 571 or TC 572 on your IRS transcript.

Here is what each of the codes means when your pending liabilities or pending credit hold is resolved:

  • Tax Code 571 means a reversal of code 570. It is used to release 570 and 576 freeze status.
  • Tax Code 572 means a correction of 570 processed in error. This is used to remove TC 570 and 576 input in error.

It is as simple as that.

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What Is The Difference Between An IRS Transcript And A Tax Return?

In simple terms, an IRS tax return is used to pay taxes or request a refund, whereas a tax transcript is a summary of your tax return that is provided by the Internal Revenue Service.

That is all you need to know about what IRS code 570 means on the 2023 transcript and what you need to know to solve any issues you may have.

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How Do I Contact IRS Representative For Assistance On IRS Code 570?

Here is the list of IRS phone contact numbers you can call if you need help with details on the transaction code 570 on your transcript:

1. Individuals Who Want To Contact IRS

Phone Number: 800-829-1040

Contact Hours: 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. local time

2. Businesses Who Want To Contact IRS

Phone Number: 800-829-4933

Contact Hours: 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. local time

3. Contact The Internal Revenue Service For Non-Profit Taxes

Phone Number: 877-829-5500

Contact Hours: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. local time

4. Estate and Gift Taxes (Form 706/709)

Phone Number: 866-699-4083

Contact Hours: 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Eastern time

5. How To Contact IRS For Excise Taxes

Phone Number: 866-699-4096

Contact Hours: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Eastern time

6. For Difficulty Hearing

Phone Number: 800-829-4059

7. Interpretation Services

For those who cannot find direct answers to your tax questions on the IRS.gov website, they can offer you help in over 350 languages with the help of professional interpreters.

If you need assistance in Spanish, please kindly call 800-829-1040. For all other languages, you can dial this number: 833-553-9895.

For further details, use the table below to find all the IRS codes including 570, and their meaning:

List Of All IRS Codes Issued On Transcript

IRS CodeFileD/CTitle
0I/B/EEstablish an Account or Plan
1B/EResequence an Account due to a TIN Change
1EResequence due to Plan  Number change
1IResequence an Account
1B/ETIN Change Failed to Resequence
2EResequence EPMF Merge-Fail
3BDuplicate Tax are not Resequenced
3BBMF Partial Merge
4BBMF Partial Merge
5I/B/EResequenced Account or Plan for Merge
6I/B/EAccount Resequenced to Master File Location
6EMerge Plan Resquenced
7I/BCarrier Transaction
11I/B/EChange EIN or SSN
11EChange Plan Number
12I/B/EReopen Entity Account or Plan
13I/B/EName Change
13EPlan Name Change
14I/B/EAddress Change
15I/B/ELocation and/or   ZIP Code
16I/B/EMiscellaneous Change Entity Codes
17ISpouse SSN
17EChange File Folder Number
18I/BRelease Undeliverable Refund Check Freeze
19I/B/EZIP Code/Area Office Change
20I/B/ECloses Account or Deactivates Account or Delete a Plan
22BDelete EO Submodule
23BReverse the election to lobby
24BElection to Lobby
25No Resequence-SSN
26I/B/EDelete Changed TIN or Old Plan Data
26I/BIMF/BMF Complete Merge
30I/BUpdate Location Codes Out-of- Campus
40I/BDirects Change to Valid SSN
41I/BDirects Change to Invalid SSN
52BReversal of TC 053, 054, 055
53B/EPlan Year Ending Month Change
54BRetained FYM
55BChange or Adopt New FYM
57BReversal of TC 054, 055
58BRejection of Form 8716
59BRejection of Form 1128
60BElect Foreign Sales Corporation (FSC)
61BRevoke Reverses TC 060, 063, 064, or 065
63BFSC Election Received
64BFSC Election Denied
65BFSC Revocation Received
66BTerminate FSC Received
70BChurch Exemption from Social Security Taxes
71BRevocation of Church Exemption from Social Security Taxes
72BDeletion of TC 070 Input in Error
73BCorrection of Erroneous Revocation / Termination
76Indicate acceptance of Form 8832
77BReversal of TC 076
78BRejection of Form 8832, Entity Classification Election
79BRevocation of Form 8832, Entity Classification Election
80IValidates Spouse’s SSN
82BAcceptance of Form 8869
83BReversal of TC 082
84BTermination of Form 8869
85BReversal of TC 084
86BEffective date of revocation
87BReversal of TC 086
90BSmall Business Election
91BTerminate Small Business
92BReverses TC 090, 093, 095,097
93BApplication for Small Business Election
94BApplication for Small Business Denied
95BApplication for Small Business Pending
96BSmall Business Election Terminated
97BApplication for Small Business Pending National Office Approval
98BEstablish or Change in a Fiduciary Relationship
99BTermination of Fiduciary Relationship
100BAcceptance of Qualified Subchapter S Trust (QSST)
101BRevocation of Qualified Subchapter S Trust (QSST)
102BAcceptance of Electing Small Business Trust (ESBT)
103BRevocation of Electing Small Business Trust (ESBT)
110BDesignates Windfall Profits Tax Return to GMF Unpostable System
120I/BAccount Disclosure Code
121EEmployee Plan Characteristics
122EReversal of Employee Plan Characteristics
123EUpdate of Employee Plan Characteristics
125EPlan Termination
126EReversal of Termination
127EData Change
128EAdministrator Data Change
129IHHS Request
130I/BEntire Account Frozen from Refunding
131I/BReversal of TC 130 Refund Freeze
132IReversed TC 130
136BSuppress FTD Alert
137BReverse Supress
140IIRP Delinquency Inquiry
141I/B/EDelinquency Inquiry
142I/B/EDelinquency Investigation
148I/BIssuance of TDA or   Assembly
149I/BReversal of TC 148
150I/B/E/P/ADReturn Filed & Tax Liability Assessed
150IEntity Created by TC 150
151EReversal of TC 150 or 154
152IEntity Updated   by TC 150
154EPosting F5330 Data
155E1st Correspondence Letter Sent
156ESubsequent Correspondence Sent
157ESchedule A
157BForm 5578, Non- Discrimination Certification
159ISettlement Data
160BDManually Computed Delinquency Penalty
161I/BCof Delinquency Penalty
162I/BFailure to File Penalty Restriction Deletion
166I/BDDelinquency Penalty
167I/BCAbate Delinquency Penalty
170I/BDEstimated Tax Penalty
171I/BCAbatement of Estimated Tax Penalty
176I/BDEstimated Tax Penalty
177I/BCAbatement of Estimated Tax Penalty
180BDDeposit Penalty
181BCDeposit Penalty Abatement
186BDFTD (Deposit) Penalty Assessment
187BCAbatement of FTD Penalty Assessment
190I/BDManually Assessed Interest Transferred In
191I/BCInterest Abatement
196I/BDInterest Assessed
197I/BCAbatement of Interest Assessed
200IDTaxpayer Penalty Assessment
201ICTaxpayer Identification Number Penalty Abatement
234BDAssessed Daily Delinquency Penalty
235BCAbates Daily Delinquency Penalty
238BDDaily Delinquency Penalty
239BCAbatement of Daily Delinquency Penalty
240I/BDMiscellaneous Penalty
241I/BCAbate Miscellaneous Civil Penalty
246BDForm 8752 or 1065 Penalty
247BCAbatement of 1065 Penalty
270I/BDManual Assessment Failure to Pay Tax Penalty
271I/BCManual Abatement of Failure to Pay Tax Penalty
272I/B/AFailure to Pay Penalty Restriction Deletion
276I/BDFailure to Pay Tax Penalty
277I/BCAbatement of Failure to Pay Tax Penalty
280I/BDBad Check Penalty
281I/BCAbatement of Bad Check Penalty
286I/BDBad Check Penalty
287BCReversal of Bad Check Penalty
290I/BDAdditional Tax Assessment
291I/BCAbatement Prior Tax Assessment
294I/BDAdditional Tax Assessment with Interest Computation Date
295I/BCAbatement of Prior Tax Assessment with Interest Computation Date
298I/BDAdditional Tax Assessment with Interest Computation Date
299I/BCAbatement of Prior Tax Assessment Interest Computation Date
300I/BDAdditional Tax or Deficiency Assessment by Examination Div. or Collection Div.
301I/BCAbatement of Tax by Examination or Collection Div.
304I/BDAdditional Tax or Deficiency, Assessment by Examination, Div.with Interest Computation Date
305I/BCAbatement of Prior Tax Assessment by Examination Div. with Interest Computation Date
308I/BDAdditional Tax or Deficiency Assessment by Examination or Collection Div. with Interest Computation Date
309I/BCAbatement of Prior Tax Assessment by Examination Div. with Interest Computation date
310IDPenalty for Failure to Report Income from Tips
311ICTip Penalty Abatement
320I/BDFraud Penalty
321I/BCAbatement of Fraud Penalty
336I/BDInterest Assessment on Additional Tax or Deficiency
337I/BCAbatement of Interest Assessed on Additional Tax or Deficiency
340I/BDRestricted Interest Assessment
341I/BCRestricted Interest Abatement
342I/BInterest Restriction Deletion
350I/BDNegligence Penalty
351I/BCNegligence Penalty Abatement
360I/BDFees & Collection Costs
361I/BCAbatement of Fees & Collection Costs
370I/BDAccount Transfer-In
380I/BDOverpayment Cleared Manually
386I/BDClearance of Overpayment
388I/BDStatute Expiration Clearance to Zero Balance and Removal
389I/BCReversal of Statute Expiration
400I/BCAccount Transfer-out
402I/BDAccount Re-Transferred-In
420I/B/EExamination Indicator
421I/B/EReverse Examination Indicator
424I/B/EExamination Request Indicator
425IReversed TC 424
427BRequest Returns from SERFE file
428I/B/EExamination or Appeals Case Transfer
429I/BRequest AIMS Update from MF
430ICEstimated Tax Declaration
430IEntity Created by TC 430
432IEntity Updated   by TC 430
446I/B/EMerged Transaction Indicator
450I/BDTransferee Liability Assessment
451I/BCReversal of TC 450
459BPrior Quarter Liability, Forms 941 and 720
460I/B/PExtension of Time for Filing
462I/B/ECorrection of a TC 460 Transaction Processed in Error
463BWaiver to File on Mag Tape
464BReversal of TC 463
468BExtension of Time to Pay Estate Tax
469BReversal of TC 468
470I/BTaxpayer Claim Pending
471I/BReversal of Taxpayer Claim Pending
472I/BReversal of Taxpayer Claim Pending
474I/B/EInterrupts Normal Delinquency Processings
475I/B/EPermits TDI Issuance
480I/BOffer-in-Compromise Pending
481I/BOffer-in-Compromise Rejected
482I/BOffer-in-Compromise Withdrawn/Terminated
483I/BCorrection of Erroneous Posting of TC 480
488BInstallment and/or Manual Billing
489BInstallment Defaulted
490PMag Media Waiver
494B/INotice of Deficiency
495B/IClosure of TC 494 or correction of TC 494 processed in error
500IMilitary Deferment
502ICorrection of TC 500 Processed in Error
503TC 500 changed to 503 when posting TC 502
510IReleases Invalid SSN Freeze on Refunds
520I/BIRS Litigation Instituted
521I/BReversal of TC 520
522I/BCorrection of TC 520 Processed in Error
524Collateral Agreement Pending
525Collateral Agreement No Longer Pending
528I/BTerminate Stay of Collection Status
530I/BCurrently not Collectible Account
531I/BReversal of a Currently not Collectible Account
532I/BCorrection of TC 530 Processed in Error
534I/BCExpired Balance Write-off, accrued or assessed
535I/BDReversal of Expired Balance Write-off
537I/BReversal of Currently not Collectible Account Status
538BTrust Fund Recovery Penalty Cases
539BTrust Fund Recovery Penalty Case Reversal
540IDeceased Taxpayer
542ICorrection to TC 540 Processed in Error
550I/BWaiver Extension of Date Collection Statute Expires
560I/B/EWaiver Extension of Date Assessment Statute Expires
570I/BAdditional Liability Pending/or Credit Hold
571I/BReversal of TC 570
572I/BCorrection of TC 570 Processed in Error
576IDUnallowable Tax Hold
577ICReversal Of TC 576
582I/BLien Indicator
583I/BReverse Lien Indicator
586BTransfer/revenue receipt cross ref. TIN
590B/I/ESatisfying Trans. Not liable this Tax period
591B/I/ESatisfying Trans. No longer liable for tax for same MFT if not already delinquent
592B/I/EReverse 59X Trans.
593B/I/ESatisfying Trans. Unable to locate taxpayer
594B/I/ESatisfying Trans. Return previously filed
595B/I/ESatisfying Trans. Referred to Examination
597B/I/ESatisfying Trans. Surveyed satisfies this module only
598B/I/ESatisfying Trans. Shelved- satisfies this module only
599B/I/ESatisfying Trans. Returned secured-satisfies this module only
600B/I/ECUnderpayment Cleared Manually
604B/IAssessed Debit Cleared
605B/IGenerated Reversal   of TC 604
606I/BCUnderpayment Cleared
607I/BDReversal of Underpayment Cleared
608I/BCStatute Expiration Clearance to Zero Balance and Remove
609I/BDReversal of Statute Expiration
610I/BCRemittance with Return
611I/BDRemittance with Return Dishonored
612I/BDCorrection of 610 Processed in Error
620BCInitial Installment Payment: Form 7004, MFT 02+33
621BDInstallment Payment Check Dishonored
622BDCorrection of TC 620 Processed in Error
630I/BCManual Application of Appropriation Money
632I/BDReversal of Manual Application of Appropriation Money
636I/BCSeparate Appropriations Refundable Credit
637I/BDReversal of Separate, Appropriations Refundable Credit
640I/BCAdvance Payment of Determined Deficiency or Underreporter Proposal
641I/BDDishonored Check on Advance Payment
642I/BDCorrection of TC 640 Processed in Error
650BCFederal Tax Deposit
651BDDishonored Federal Tax Deposit
652BDCorrection of FTD Posted in Error
660I/BCEstimated Tax
660BCFederal Tax Deposit
661I/BDES payment or FTD Check Dishonored
662I/BDCorrection of TC 660 Processed in Error
666ICEstimated Tax Credit Transfer In
667IDEstimated Tax Debit Transfer out
670I/BCSubsequent Payment
671I/BDSubsequent Payment Check Dishonored
672I/BDCorrection of TC 670 Processed in Error
673Input of a TC 672 Changes an existing TC 670 to TC 673
678BCCredits for Treasury Bonds
679BDReversal of Credits for Treasury Bonds
680I/BCDesignated Payment of Interest
681I/BDDesignated Payment Check Dishonored
682I/BDCorrection of TC 680 Processed in Error
690I/BCDesignated Payment of Penalty
691I/BDDesignated Payment Check Dishonored
692I/BDCorrection of TC 690 Processed in Error
694I/BCDesignated Payment of Fees and Collection Costs
695I/BDReverse Designated Payment
700I/BCCredit Applied
701I/BDReverse Generated Overpayment Credit Applied
702I/BDCorrection of Erroneously Applied Credit
706I/BCGenerated Overpayment Applied from Another Tax Module
710I/BCOverpayment Credit Applied from Prior Tax Period
712I/BDCorrection of TC 710 or 716 Processed in Error
716I/BCGenerated Overpayment Credit Applied from Prior Tax Period
720I/BCRefund Repayment
721I/BDRefund Repayment Check Dishonored
722I/BDCorrection of TC 720 Processed in Error
730I/BCOverpayment Interest Applied
731I/BDReverse Generated Overpayment Interest Applied
732I/BDCorrection of TC 730 Processed in Error
736I/BCGenerated Interest Overpayment Applied
740I/BCUndelivered Refund Check Redeposited
742I/BDCorrection of TC 740 Processed in Error
756BCInterest on Overpayment Transferred from IMF
760I/BCSubstantiated Credit Payment Allowance
762I/BDCorrection of TC 760 Processed In Error
764ICEarned Income Credit
765IDEarned Income Credit Reversal
766I/BCGenerated Refundable Credit Allowance
766I/BCIRS TOP Offset Reversal   w/OTN
767I/BDGenerated Reversal of Refundable Credit Allowance
767I/BDRejected TOP Offset Reversal w/OTN
768ICEarned Income Credit
771BDInterest Reversal Prior to Refund Issuance
772I/BDCorrection of TC 770 Processed in Error or interest netting
776I/BCGenerated Interest Due on Overpayment
777I/BDReverse Generated Interest Due Taxpayer or interest netting
780I/BMaster File Account Compromised
781I/BDefaulted Account Compromise
782I/BCorrection of TC 780 Processed in Error
788I/BAll Collateral Conditions of the Offer Completed
790B/ICManual Overpayment Applied from IMF
792B/IDCorrection of TC 790 Processed in Error
796BCOverpayment Credit from IMF
800I/BCCredit for Withheld Taxes
802I/BDCorrection of a TC 800 Processed in error
806I/BCCredit for Withheld Taxes & Excess FICA
807I/BDReversed Credit for Withheld Taxes
810IRefund Freeze
811IReverse Refund Freeze
820I/BDCredit Transferred
821I/BCReverse Generated Overpayment Credit Transferred
822I/BCCorrection of an Overpayment Transferred In Error
824I/BDOverpayment Credits Transferred to Another or to Non-MF Accounts
826I/BDOverpayment Transferred
830I/BDOverpayment Credit Elect (Transferred) to Next Periods Tax
832I/BCCorrection of Credit Elect
836I/BDOverpayment Credit Elect Transferred to Next Periods Tax
840I/BDManual Refund
841I/BCCancelled Refund Check Deposited
842BCRefund Deletion
843I/BDCheck Cancellation Reversal
844I/BErroneous Refund
845I/BReverse Erroneous Refund
846I/BDRefund of Overpayment
850I/BDOverpayment Interest Transfer
851I/BCReverse Generated Overpayment Interest Transfer
852I/BCCorrection of TC 850 Processed in Error
856I/BDOverpayment Interest Transfer by Computer
860I/BReverses Erroneous Abatement
876IDInterest on Overpayment Transferred to BMF
890IDManual Transfer of Overpayment Credits to BMF
892ICCorrection of TC 890 Processed in Error
896I/BDOverpayment Credit Offset
897I/BCDMF Offset Reversal
898I/BFMS TOP Offset
899I/BFMS TOP Offset reversal or Agency Refund/Reversal
901I/B/EDelete IDRS Indicator
902I/B/ECampus IDRS Indicator
903I/BMaster File IDRS Entity Delete
904I/B/ENotify IDRS Entity or Module not Present
920I/BIDRS Notice Status
922IIRP Underreporter
924IIRP Communication
930I/B/EReturn Required Suspense
932I/BReverse Return Required Suspense
960I/B/EAdd/Update Centralized Authorization File Indicator Reporting Agents File
961I/B/EReverse Centralized Authorization File Indicator
970BF720 Additional Schedules; or F945 liability amounts from F945-A and related dates, F941 liability amounts from Schedule B and related dates
971B/IMiscellaneous Transaction
972B/IReverses Amended/ Duplicate Return XREF TIN/ Tax Period Data
973BApplication for Tentative Refund F1139 Processed Return Filed-8038 Series Return and Additional Filing of Form 5330
976I/ECPosted Duplicate Return
977I/ECPosted Amended Return Posted Consolidated Generated Amended, Late Reply, or DOL Referral
980BW-3/1096 Transaction
982BCAWR Control DLN Transaction
984BCAWR Adjustment Transaction
986BCAWR Status Transaction
990I/B/E/PSpecific Transcript
991I/BOpen Module Transcript
992I/B/E/PComplete or TaxClass Transcript
993I/B/PEntity Transcript
994ITwo Accounts Failed to Merge/ Transcript Generated
995I/BDifference in Validity Status/ Transcript Generated
996B/IFollow-up on Uncollectible
998BUpdate Entity Information

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