ICCU ATM Withdrawal Limit

ICCU ATM Withdrawal Limit, 2023, ICCU Daily, Weekly, & Monthly Limit

In our guide today, we will discuss the ICCU ATM withdrawal limit in the US.

THE Idaho Central Credit Union is based in Idaho, Washington, and Eastern Oregon in the US.

The bank has 40 branches and about 30,000 CO-OP machines which you can withdraw cash from.

The bank uses the CO-OP network for ATM withdrawals.

Why ICCU ATM Withdrawal Limit

The limits are imposed out of practicality and for the security of your account and the bank.

Setting limits helps ICCU to control the movement of available cash at hand.

The strategy also protects clients’ accounts from any fraud activities.

For instance, if your card is lost and the PIN has been compromised, the thief cannot wipe out your account and pocket all your cash.

The withdrawal limit will control the amount of cash available for withdrawal, so they cannot access everything at once.

These are the reasons for the ICCU ATM transaction limit.

ICCU ATM Withdrawal Limit

The bank has no weekly or monthly ATM withdrawal limits.

The ICCU daily ATM withdrawal limit is $500.

The credit union has not stated the minimum amount you can withdraw from an ATM.

You can make as many withdrawals as you need in a day, provided the cumulative amount of your withdrawn amount doesn’t exceed the set limit.

This is the ICCU ATM transaction limit in the US.

What Are The Charges

There are no charges when you withdraw at a CO-OP network ATM.

When you withdraw at out-of-network ATMs, you will be charged a small convenience fee.

You are charged a $1.50 processing fee and an operator’s fee when using an ATM other than CO-OP ATMs.

These are the charges for ICCU ATM withdrawal in Idaho, US.

How To Increase Your ATM Withdrawal Limit

You might have reached your set withdrawal limit but still need some cash. You need to reach out to ICCU and request a limit increase.

You can call the credit union on 1-800-456-5067.

You can choose to visit a local branch near you or request for the live chat feature or video chat through https://www.iccu.com/videochat.

You can also submit our inquiry through https://www.iccu.com/contact-us.

This is all the information you need about the ICCU ATM withdrawal limit in the US.

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