Does Float Work With Chime

Does Float Me Work With Chime, 2023, Yes, Find Out How It Works

For those of you asking does Float Me work with Chime, you can read this guide to get all the details. We shall do our best to give possibilities of using Float with Chimes and more.

Before we can proceed let me give you something you should know about Float Me.

Float, also known as the FloatMe app, is a mobile financial platform based in the US that allows users to undertake “buy now, pay later” service and other financial duties like requesting and receiving overdrafts and earning extra funds.

Float me was officially released in 2018, and its popularity speaks a lot for itself. 

According to a statement on their blog, Float has helped its members save over $80M in overdraft fees with instant cash advances up to $50 between paydays.

This cash advance comes with no interest fees and no credit checks. With Float, users can connect to over 10,000 banking institutions which will shortly find out if Chime bank is one of them.

Does Float Me Work With Chime

Yes, Float works with Chime. This means Chime bank users can link their accounts on the Float Me platform for various financial services. Plaid aids this process, and that’s why with Plaid, FloatMe supports over 10,000 banks.

Float works with almost all the popular banks. The qualified banks are the ones that work with Plaid. FloatMe uses Plaid with 256-bit bank-level security to keep the account safe from any fraud.

Now that we have answered the question “Does Float Me work with Chime” let’s proceed and look at how you can add your Chime bank account on the FloatMe platform. 

Requirements To Add Chime Account to FloatMe 

Below are the things you will need to link your Chime bank to Float: 

  1. Smartphone with the FloatMe app installed
  2. Card number
  3. CVV
  4. State issued ID

How Can I Link My Chime Account To Float Me

The following are the steps to link your Chime bank account on your Float platform: 

  • Kindly open the FloatMe app on your smartphone 
  • Provide your login information to log in to your account 
  • You will be asked to link a bank account during the signing-up process.
  • Choose Chime bank
  • Enter your Chime account details 
  • Proceed to verification of income 
  • Verify pay type and pay frequency 
  • Wait for confirmation to complete the process.

This is where we will end on “Does FloatMe work with Chime.”

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