Assupol Share Price, Know The Current Share Price

If you are looking for information about Assupol share price, then here you’ll learn where to look for the price. Assupol is an insurance company situated in South Africa and it is a well established Insurance Company.

Therefore you can expect Assupol’s share price to be doing well in the market.

Thus if you would like to know the Assupol share price for you to buy the shares or you have Assupol shares and would like to know the price for you to sell them, here, you will learn how to go about it. 

More so, I’ll share with you how to trade Assupol shares.

How to know Assupol share price

If you want to know Assupol’s share price, you can trade Assupol Holdings on the Cape Town Stock Exchange (CTSE).

The Cape Town Stock Exchange (CTSE) is South Africa’s small- and medium-sized enterprise stock exchange.

 The major goal of the Cape Town Stock Exchange is to assist growth companies that want to contribute to the development of the South African and African economies.

It is easy to know the Assupol shares through Cape Town Stock Exchange because all you need is to visit their website, and you will see the Assupol share price displayed under the trading symbol 4AASP.

How to trade Assupol shares

If you would like to sell or buy Assupol shares after seeing the price, you can, but you have to adhere to the guidelines.

First, only a CTSE-approved stockbroker, such as A-Trade Proprietary Limited, can trade Assupol shares on the CTSE (A-Trade).

A-Trade offers a variety of account types for trading stocks on CTSE, including an A-Trade Individual Trading Account.

Individual trading accounts with A-Trade are required for Assupol shareholders who wish to trade in Assupol shares.

The A-Trade individual trading account opening process is free.

A-Trade individual trading account users are not subject to monthly administration fees or minimum trading fees when trading shares on the CTSE platform.

If you have inquiries about Assupol share price, you can contact Assupol for further explanation by dialing 0861 235 664 or emailing

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