Assupol On-call plus

Assupol On-call plus, Benefits & How It Works

Are you searching about Assupol on-call plus? Then you have come to the right place. In this blog post, I’ll share with you all about on-call plus and the benefits.

On-call plus is added benefits that you enjoy at only R10 per month per life insured. It is an added advantage with extra benefits not included in the cover.

Upon the death of an insured person, you may be eligible to receive up to the On-Call Plus benefit amount in one or more payouts.

If the entire On-Call Plus benefit of a life insured is claimed as InstantGroceries®, premium-payback may be applicable.

On-Call Plus premiums paid by the life insured will increase the benefit amount by the sum of those premiums. This is referred to as premium payback.

Assupol On-Call Plus benefits

If you have paid the extra for the on-call plus, here are the benefits you get to enjoy,

Instant Groceries

In this benefit, if you file your claim and it is valid, it is paid within minutes rather than 24 hours. The other benefit is an electronic voucher sent to your policy beneficiary or your mobile phone.

You can use the electronic voucher when shopping in South Africa, including Checkers, Pick n Pay, and Shoprite. If somehow the entire amount is not used at once, a new wiCode will be provided with the remaining balance to be used later.

Prepaid electricity

You receive or the beneficiary a code from Assupol, which can be used on your pre-paid electricity meter.

Vehicle rental or cash for transport

Assupol will contact vehicle rental on your behalf and negotiate a discount rate. The rental vehicle is subject to the rental company’s contract terms. The most crucial is that you have a valid driver’s license, deposit tolls, and gasoline.

After that, you sign a document acknowledging responsibility for traffic penalties and insurance excesses for car damage.

It is not necessary to use a credit card. Cash or a debit card can be used to make the deposit. Rather than renting a car, you can request cash and use it to pay for a bus, rail, or other modes of transportation.

Buy Cellphone airtime With Assupol On-Call Plus

Under this benefit, you receive airtime from Assupol to the cellphone number you or your beneficiaries have submitted to the system. If you or your beneficiary elects to receive the On-Call Plus benefit in cash, the cash portion of the benefit will be paid at the same time as the funeral benefit.

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