Assupol Life Cover Benefits

Assupol Life Cover Benefits, Find What You Get With Life Cover

If you are looking about Assupol life cover benefits, then look no further. Here I’ll share with you all about the benefits you get to enjoy after purchasing the Assupol life cover.

Assupol life cover is among Assupol products meant for South Africans.

The cover is meant to assist your loved one financially or you when you get sick or disabled.

Several families in South Africa have one parent as the family’s main breadwinner; when not there anymore, it can lead to the family being vulnerable.

The Assupol life cover can take that worry away if you are your family breadwinner.

If the worst happens and you have the Assupol Life Cover policy, it will provide your loved ones with the security and protection they require.

You’ll also have the peace of mind that comes from knowing your family is in good hands.

Assupol Life Cover Benefits

In order to know the Assupol benefits, we have to look at the Assupol life cover plans because each plan comes with unique benefits.

The three Assupol life cover plans are;

  • Assupol Progress Accident Plan
  • Assupol 4Sure Plan
  • Assupol Progress Legacy Plan

Assupol Progress Accident Plan

The Assupol Progress Accidental plan benefits include individuals who can obtain up to a million rand in cover, and the Assupol On-Call option provides clients with medical assistance. In addition, this plan includes accidental death coverage.

Assupol Progress 4Sure Plan

The Assupol Progress 4Sure Plan benefits include receiving up to R300 000 in compensation. You and your spouse can be included in the plan.

For an additional premium amount, you can also cover your parents and children. All of your premiums will be repaid in 10 years if you do not make a claim.

Assupol Progress 4Sure Plan Benefits

The following are the benefits of this Assupol Progress 4Sure Plan;

  •       A lump sum is payable upon death
  •       Coverage is phased in over 18 months for natural causes
  •       There is no phasing in for claims when death is accidental.
  •       Individuals can get between R50 000 and R200 000 in cover
  •       All Progress 4Sure Plans include the main life benefit
  •       There are no additional premiums for funeral benefits.

Assupol Progress Legacy Plan

The Assupol Progress Legacy Plan provides clients with a high-quality life insurance product. You can receive up to R10 million during compensation. Some of these scenarios are included in the plan:

  •       Critical Illness
  •       Disability Insurance
  •       Loan Shield (this will cover your bond if you die and still owe money on loan)
  •       Educational establishment
  •       An increase in the retirement plan

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