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Assupol Funeral Policy, Get Full Details Here

If you are searching about Assupol’s funeral policy, then you have come to the right place. You’ll find this blog post useful as it entails Assupol funeral policy and how it works.

Assupol funeral policy is among the cover products offered by Assupol insurance company.

The product is meant to suit the needs of all South Africans. 

If you are interested in buying this Assupol funeral policy, first of all, read this blog post to understand everything about it.

About Assupol Funeral policy

The Assupol cover is a policy designed to help you take control of your grief and protect you and your family from additional costs and obstacles.

The funeral cover options offer all of the financial and practical assistance you and your family will require during this trying time.

When you die, Assupol pays a lump-sum payment to your estate or selected beneficiaries.

You can specify a benefit amount when you apply for coverage, which can be used to pay for your funeral costs or any other expenses you leave behind, such as debts.

This can help your family get through a difficult period quickly while also preventing you from worrying about escalating funeral bills.

Other perks of the Assupol funeral cover include cashback and Health +, to mention a few.

The cost is normally determined by your age and the number of benefits you want.

Your premiums will be greater if your benefit amount is larger.

How Assupol Funeral Policy Works

It is easy to understand how Assupol funeral policy works. The first step is to apply for insurance coverage. You can apply either online or in-person at your nearest Assupol office.

During the application process, you should select the appropriate plan. Assupol funeral policies are divided into four types:

Assupol Funeral Instant Funeral Plan, Assupol Absolute Advantage Funeral Plan, Assupol Excellence Family Funeral Plan, and Cornerstone Pensioner Plan.

After you fill out the application and submit it, it will be reviewed and either rejected or approved.

After paying the first premium, you will be issued a funeral cover policy if it is approved.

If you pay the premium monthly, you will be covered until you die, at which point your beneficiaries will file a claim for the coverage.

Following the claim, Assupol will investigate the claim and, if found to be genuine, the beneficiaries will receive the lump sum.

If the death was caused by a terminal illness or an accidental serious injury claim, the lump sum is paid within 1-2 business days of completing the necessary paperwork.

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