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Assupol Call Back, Make Assupol Pay For The Call

Are you looking for details about the Assupol callback? Look no further because you have come to the right place. Here I’ll share what Assupol call back is all about and how to submit a callback request.

Assupol is an insurance company in South Africa with its customers at heart.

If you don’t have airtime to call their customer, you can submit a callback request.  

You’ll receive a call from Assupol customer care then air your inquiry or complaint.

If it is your first time hearing about Assupol, call back, then read this blog post to find out more.

About Assupol Callback

Assupol calls back is a service meant to help any customer who would like to receive a call from Assupol customer care.

Sometimes you may not have bought credit to call Assupol customer care, and that is where Assupol call back comes in.

You get to submit your requests later, the customer care will call you.

The Assupol call is a solution that works for customers with protected phone numbers; even so, the customer must enter their number willingly, or the service will not work.

The Callback function provides the customer with a callback time, allowing them to wait elsewhere until they are called back.

How To Submit An Assupol Call Back Request

If you have been wondering how to submit an Assupol callback, request everything you need to know here. It is a procedural process thus follows the following steps;

  •         Visit Assupol website
  •         Open call back page
  •         You will be required to submit a request by filling a form.
  •         At the top of the form, you have to choose the reason for requesting a call back; either select ‘I want a policy ‘ or ‘I need help.’
  •         Nest fill the form first enter your name
  •         Enter your mobile phone number
  •         Enter your email address
  •         Select where you come from the province
  •         If you select the ‘I want products’ option select the products you are interested in if you wish to buy a product.
  •         If you select ‘I need help,’ you will be required to enter your ID number, policy number and write a detailed message about what you need help with.
  •         Click submit button

After submitting your request, you should wait for a call back anytime. 

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