How to activate Access bank transfer code successfully in Nigeria.

How To Successfully Activate Access Bank Nigeria USSD Transfer Code, 2023

Are you wondering to know how to quickly activate your Access bank USSD code to enable you to transfer funds?

In today’s post, we will teach exactly you how to enable the transfer code using your phone and some other few things that we will list very shortly in this guide.

Just take your time and read this step by step guide carefully.

In our previous guide, we talked about what is Access bank USSD code for transferring money and how to register in Nigeria

Also, we have covered extensively how to buy airtime from your bank account either to your phone number or for family and friends.

The activation of the USSD code for Access bank in Nigeria is pretty simple.

What You Need To Activate The Access Bank USSD Code

First, let us begin with the requirements.

There are certain things you will require to enable the *901# USSD code on your bank account.

The following are the things you must get in mind before you start the process: 

  • All details related to your Access bank account should be made available.
  • A sole signatory should own the account.
  • You must have a BVN.
  • Account activation is done through a four (4) digit secret code.
  • Access bank requires that the account be naira denominated.
  • No restrictions or whatsoever must be on the account.
  • You cannot activate the USSD code *901# for Association, Corporate, and Joint accounts.
  • You need to use a mobile number connected to your account.

Note: Airtime is required to transfer money with the USSD code, but you do not need airtime to activate the code.

How To Activate The Access Bank USSD Transfer Code

There are so many obvious advantages that you stand to enjoy when you enable the code and have access to your bank account on your mobile phone.

The activation process is pretty straightforward. You don’t need to stress yourself that much.

Follow these steps to activate the USSD banking code in Nigeria successfully:

  1. Dial *901# on your phone.
  2. Get all details for your Access bank account available, including your ATM card.
  3. Enter the details of your Access bank account.
  4. Provide as accurate information as possible.
  5. Check and double-check the information provided to enable you to activate your USSD code successfully.
  6. Press the send button.
  7. Wait for a confirmation that the activation is successful.

And that is it. You have successfully activated your Access Bank transfer code and you are ready to use it for any transaction you want.

After you have successfully activated the USSD code *901#, you can now use the service and start transferring money from your bank account to your phone or loved ones.

Like we said earlier, you can’t use the *901# transfer code in Nigeria with Association, Corporate, and Joint accounts.


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