Absa Virtual Credit Card

Absa Virtual Credit Card, 2023, How To Apply, Requirements & Benefits

In our guide today, we will look at the Absa virtual credit card in South Africa.

This is basically an electronic version of your card authorized only for online use.

All your card details are visible to you online through the Absa mobile app or Absa internet banking.

We will show you the benefits of this card.

Benefits Of Absa Virtual Credit Card

This card will enable you to carry out your online transactions efficiently.

You can transact from any location without revealing the details of your primary card to the vendors.

You are eligible for Absa rewards when you pay using this card.

Absa Virtual Credit Card

Use the card to do your everyday transactions like you could use any other credit card.

Every time you use the card, you need to confirm the OTP number sent to your mobile phone.

To use the card, you have to enter the virtual credit card number and the expiry date on your card.

This is how the Absa virtual card works in South Africa.

How To Apply Or Register For The Card

You can apply for the card online and view the details from your online banking even before the physical card is delivered to you.

To apply for the card, please follow the steps below:

  1. First, you need to visit the Absa bank webpage
  2. Next, choose the credit card of your choice
  3. Next, fill in your details and verify with an OTP 
  4. You will get an instant approval 
  5. After that successful post validation of your KYC and other documents needed
  6. Your Absa virtual card will be ready instantly
  7. Next, Absa will send a temporary PIN and password to your registered mobile number
  8. After that, log in to Absa internet banking using the temporary ID and password 
  9. After that, you can then view your card details

Use the details for safe and secure online transactions either locally or internationally.

This is how you apply for the Absa virtual credit card in South Africa.

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