Absa Secured Credit Card

Absa Secured Credit Card, 2023, Get This Card Even With Poor Credit Score

In our guide today, we will focus on the Absa secured credit card in South Africa.

A secured card is a credit card backed by a cash deposit from the cardholder where the deposit acts as collateral on the account.

The deposit provides Absa with security if the cardholder cannot make payments.

We will show you things you need to know about this card.

What You Need To Know About Absa Secured Credit Card

The amount that you put down in a deposit will become your credit limit for your Absa credit card.

The card has a lower credit limit and more fees than an unsecured credit card.

These cards usually are issued to subprime borrowers or people with limited or poor credit history.

The card will help improve your credit score because the bank will report on the secured credit cards t the crediting agencies.

These are the key things you need to know about the Absa secured credit card in South Africa.

Absa Secured Credit Card

Apart from the cash deposits, these cards work just like any other card.

With this card, you do not need to put up any assets or income to back up the promise to repay the funds. 

You will find that the secured credit card is cheaper than the unsecured one and has lower interest rates.

You can use the card anywhere the Absa credit card is accepted, and you may be eligible for rewards and perks.

You also receive your monthly statements showing your end-of-period balances and the month’s specific spending.

You are annually charged the initial or activation fees, credit increase fees, monthly maintenance fees, and balance inquiry fees.

This is how the Absa secured credit card works in South Africa.

How To Apply For The Card

You can apply for the card through Absa internet banking or the mobile app.

You need to be above 18 years and provide copies of your identification documents.

You can also apply from any nearest Absa branch.

You need to carry with you the cash deposit you will use as collateral for the card. 

This is how you apply for the Absa signature credit card in South Africa.

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