Absa McCarthy Rewards

Absa McCarthy Rewards, Find Out How It Works & Benefits

In our guide today, we will briefly discuss the Absa McCarthy rewards in South Africa.

McCarthy is a company that helps you buy and sell vehicles and deliver them to your preferred destination.

Absa has partnered with McCarthy to allow its customers to buy or sell vehicles at a discounted price and earn cashback.

You must be registered for the Absa rewards program and make payments with an Absa card.

We will now show you exactly how the rewards work.

Absa McCarthy Rewards

You need to finance your vehicle through the Absa vehicle and asset finance to qualify for these rewards.

 You get cash back for online purchases through the exclusive link and is only available if you make payments with an Absa card.

The rewards are limited to a maximum price of R700 0000.

Absa reward members must contact the Call-A-Car call center and confirm their membership to qualify for the 1% cashback.

You have to make direct purchases at any McCarthy branch that do not qualify for the rewards.

This is how the Absa McCarthy rewards work in South Africa.

What Are The Exclusions

If you don’t make purchases directly at a McCarthy branch, you are not eligible for the cash rewards.

The 1% cashback is only applicable to the price of the vehicle.

Rewards also exclude any discounts and extras given when you purchase McCarthy.

You will not earn any McCarthy rewards on the administration fees and the on-the-road fees.

These are the exclusions of the Absa McCarthy rewards in South Africa.

Finally, we have come to the conclusion of this guide and you have known how the rewarding work and how you can benefit including many others.

We shall do our best to add more relevant details to this guide. Kindly share your opinion in the comment section below to help us serve you more.

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