Absa Managed Fund

Absa Managed Fund, How It Works & Requirements

Are you curious to learn how the Absa managed fund works in South Africa? Then check out this guide.

This fund invests in selected JSE-listed shares, quoted property, money market, and international assets.

It aims to provide investors with consistent positive returns above inflation.

The fund is classified under the SA Multi-Asset – High Equity industry category.

We will first show you the requirements to apply for this fund.

Requirements For Absa Managed Fund

To fill out an application form online, you can click on this link https://www.absafinancialservices.co.za/UnitTrustApplication/?Fund=Absa-Managed-Fund.

The application is a 4-step process and requires you to fill in all your details needed and upload essential documents.

Below are the required documents to apply for the Absa prime equity fund in South Africa:

  • You must have an electronic copy of a valid South African ID 

The ID document should have both the front and the back sides of the ID and be signed three times

  • You must have an electronic copy of your birth certificate if you are a minor
  • Have proof of address older than 90 days 
  • Tax number or that of a guardian if you are not of the legal age
  • Proof of income like a bank statement if you are an Absa bank client

These are the requirements to qualify for the Absa managed fund in South Africa.

Absa Managed Fund

This fund uses an active asset allocation strategy by investing in listed JSE shares, quoted property, bonds, money market, and international assets.

The funds are managed according to the guidelines set out in regulation 28 of the pension funds act.

This fund is ideal for medium to long-term investments and suitable for retirement funds investments.

The fund provides investors with consistent positive returns above inflation and focuses more on capital protection.

The minimum amount needed for lump sum investment isR2000 and monthly payments are R200.

This is how Absa managed funds works in South Africa.

What Are The Risks

The value of fixed-income investments may decrease when inflation rises.

The fund suffers financial losses in multiple markets and may underperform more focused funds.

Real estate securities may carry the risks of investing directly in real estate itself.

These are the common risks of investing with the Absa managed fund in South Africa.

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