Absa Depositor Plus

Absa Depositor Plus, How It Works, & Requirements

In our guide today, we will discuss the Absa depositor plus in south Africa.

Absa has introduced a savings account to make all your short and long-term financial goals possible.

This account resembles a traditional savings account, only that you need a lot of money to start earning interest from it.

We will first show you the cost of this account.

How Do I Need To Open A Depositor Plus Account

You need an initial deposit of R15 000 which should be maintained throughout.

You will not earn any interest if your account balance is below R15 000.

The higher your account balances, the higher the interest.

You can earn up to 3.20% interest on this account.

You earn about 2.20% interest when you make your initial deposit of R15 000.

There is no monthly fee charged on this account.

This is the cost of Absa depositor plus in South Africa.

Absa Depositor Plus

You only need a valid South African ID and proof of residence not older than 90 days to open this account.

You can withdraw all your money from the account without closing it.

You do not need to give notice before withdrawing cash.

The account is considered risk-free as you have immediate access to your funds.

Additional interest on your depositor plus account with the digital bonus rate.

This is how the Absa depositor plus works In South Africa.

How to Qualify For Additional Interest

We will now show you how to qualify for the Absa depositor plus interest.

First, you need to open and manage your account on the Absa online banking or the banking app.

You can also reach out to Absa on 0860 111 515.

To qualify for the interest, you need to download a statement, make a balance inquiry or download an IT3 if it is required during the application.

You can download a bank confirmation letter through internet banking.

You will not qualify for the Absa digital bonus rate if you do these transactions at an Absa branch.

This is how you qualify for additional interest for Absa depositor plus in south Africa.

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