Absa Car Insurance

Absa Car Insurance, 2023, Get Insurance For All Your Cars

In our guide today, we will focus on Absa car insurance.

The cover helps you protect your vehicle as well as your finances.

Absa insurance experts offer clients sound insurance advice to help them choose the best cover to suit their needs.

We will show you the benefits of this cover.

Absa Car Insurance

The Absa insurance company offers car-hire at competitive rates.

You can select your essential excess upfront and be sure to get the benefits when you have to claim jump start service.

Jumpstart services are also provided at non-roadside locations, where you can request the service while still at home.

The insurance also covers remote vehicle inspection at the comfort of your home.

There are no excess payments for windscreen chip repair without interrupting your cashback rewards.

The cover also offers a home drive or taxi that ensures that you always arrive home safely after a night out.

You are liable for up to 6 drives per policy.

You get an extended cover to get compensated when your car is written off or stolen.

You will get compensation for loss or damage of the vehicle from insured events.

These are the benefits of the Absa car insurance in South Africa.

What Are The Insured Events For Absa South Africa

Below are the events that are insured by the Absa car insurance:

  • Theft or attempted theft of the car
  • Fire, explosion, flood, and other hazards
  • Accidents and deliberate activities by an outsider intended to cause loss or damage
  • Towing and storage charges after an insured event occur
  • You also get limited medical expenses
  • Legal liability to other people involved

These are some of the events covered by the car insurance in South Africa.

What Are The Fees And Interest For Absa Car Insurance

To get idirect car insurance, you need a fixed excess from as low as R3 000.

You get cashback payments after 3,4 and 5 claim-free years.

You are guaranteed competitive premiums for 12 months after you get the cover.

You get up to 40% of your motor premiums back for driving well when you get the activated car insurance.

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