Absa Ghana SWIFT Code

Absa Ghana SWIFT Code 2023, The Official Absa Bank SWIFT/BIC Code

The Absa Ghana SWIFT code is the Society for World Interbank Financial Telecommunication code, which has been assigned to each Absa bank branch in Ghana.

If you are making an international money transfer, then you will definitely use a BIC or SWIFT code for that purpose.

Most people ask me about how to do that with their Absa bank account. Some people are confused because Barclays Bank Ghana Limited has rebranded and changed to Absa.

They keep asking this question: Has the Barclays Bank SWIFT code changed for Absa?

No. The Absa Ghana SWIFT Code is BARCGHACXXX. This was the same code used by Barclays Bank.

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How Do You Find The Absa Ghana SWIFT Code

Your bank’s SWIFT code is usually found in your bank account statement. Also, most banks publish the SWIFT code on their websites.

Another way for you to find your Absa bank SWIFT code is by using an online BIC or SWIFT code finder.

These online code search engines make the SWIFT/BIC codes for each bank available online.

So it means you have many ways to find your bank’s SWIFT code.

How Many Digit Is SWIFT Code

The SWIFT code for Absa Ghana is 11 digits, but in other countries, the code is eight (8) digits. Each digit of the code represents a particular section of the bank, like the country code, city code, and branch code.

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How Does Absa Ghana SWIFT Code Look Like

The Absa Ghana SWIFT code looks this: BARCGHACXXX.

The code is divided into four (4) main sections which are as follows:

Bank Code: The bank code for Absa Bank Ghana is BARC.

Country code: The country code for Absa Bank Ghana is GH.

City/Localitycode: The City or Locality code for Absa Bank Ghana is AC. This represents Accra, where the Absa Head Office is located.

Branch code: The branch code for Absa Bank Ghana is represented as 3X. Absa Ghana Limited has not registered a BIC code for an individual bank branch, so all the branches in Ghana are using the same branch code, which is 3X.

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Is Absa Ghana SWIFT Code Different For Each Branch

Under normal circumstances, each branch should have a different SWIFT code. However, in the case of Barclays Bank Ghana, the SWIFT code for all the branches in the country are the same as the one used by the head office.

So you have to use the SWIFT code BARCGHACXXX for your transactions at all bank branches.

In other countries, they have different BIC codes for each branch.

What Happens When You Enter The Wrong SWIFT Code

SWIFT codes are used to identify the bank, so when you are making transactions online, the money is deducted from your bank account.

So when you enter the wrong SWIFT code for your bank branch, which is supposed to be BARCGHACXXX, then the money cannot be transferred from your bank account.

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