Absa App Credit Card

Absa App Credit Card, 2023, How To Apply, Requirements & Benefits

In our guide today, we will focus on the Absa app credit card in South Africa.

Did you know that you can apply and manage your credit card through mobile banking? Well, we will show you how.

Absa App Credit Card

We will show you exactly how the Absa app credit card works in South Africa.

You can give notice to your card when traveling through the app by tapping the Use card when traveling option.

The card allows you to make purchases online either locally or internationally.

You can earn great rewards when you pay for purchases with this card.

You can apply for any card you need through the app, provided you meet the credit card qualifications.

You just have to provide the necessary valid documents like your national ID or passport, proof of income, and proof of residence.

Upload these files in your application form and wait for Absa to verify your application.

Application is free, and the only cost you incur is that of data bundles.

This is how the Absa app card works in South Africa.

How To Download The Absa App Credit Card Statements

Please follow the steps below to download your statements:

  1. First login to your Absa mobile app
  2. Select credit card account
  3. Tap on the statements tab
  4. Click on download statements
  5. Next, select the date range and tap OK
  6. After that, select the required statement from the list provided
  7. Choose the file format you want
  8. You can now successfully view and share the downloaded credit card statement.

This is how you download an Absa app card statement in South Africa.

How To Request A Replacement Credit Card

To request a replacement card through your Absa mobile app, please follow the steps below:

  1. First, you need to login into the Absa banking app
  2. Tap on the menu and tap on cards
  3. After that, click on the card, you want to stop and replace
  4. Click the Stop and Replace option
  5. Next, tap on the drop-down menu and select the reason you want to replace your card
  6. Click on the calendar icon and select the date the card was last used
  7. Tap on continue 
  8. Select your delivery method and accept the associated fees
  9. Click on continue to submit your request

This is how you replace an Absa app credit card in South Africa.

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