What Are The Benefits Of Assupol

What Are The Benefits Of Assupol, Find It All Here

There are several benefits that come with Assupol products. In this blog post, I’ll share with you the benefits of Assupol in detail.

Assupol is one of the South Africa insurance companies which offers its products with its customers South Africans at heart.

That is the reason why the company has included many benefits in its products for the benefits of its many South African customers.

More so, these benefits have led to many South Africans being attracted to Assupol products.

So if you are looking at what the benefits of Assupol are, here are some.

Family Income Benefit

You can provide financial assistance to your family for up to 6 months following your death with this benefit. Money will be made available to help people meet their daily needs.

Memorial Benefit

This benefit is paid 5 or 11 months following the covered person’s death. This sum might be used for a memorial service.

Double Pay-Out On The Accidental Death Benefit

The amount of coverage will be doubled in the event of unintentional death.

If you have the maximum cover amount of R75 000, for example, the compensation in the event of accidental death will be R150 000.

Guaranteed Cashback Benefit

When you purchase either the funeral or life insurance from Assupol, you will receive a cash rebate.

Regardless of whether you claim or not, you will receive cashback every four years with this benefit.

Retrenchment – Premium Waiver

Your family will be insured for up to 6 months if you are laid off. This will relieve some of the financial strain caused by the loss of income.

On-Call Assupol benefit

This is a toll-free number that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Other benefits include; medical information, ambulance and transport in a life-threatening emergency, medical facility entry price, trauma counseling, tutoring support for children, financial information, funeral discount, and so forth.

On-Call Plus benefit

This benefit allows you to make payments in a matter of minutes. You may buy airtime, groceries, transportation, and electricity with the money you earn.

This money can be spent at Checkers, Pick & Pay, Shoprite, and other stores across the country.

Health + benefit

This benefit kicks in after three consecutive nights in the hospital. The benefit covers non-medical costs incurred as a result of hospitalization.

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