Wells Fargo Routing Number For Alabama

What Is The Wells Fargo Alabama Routing Number 2023

If you are transferring money within or outside the United States, then you will definitely need a routing number. In today’s money transfer guide, we will show you the Wells Fargo Alabama routing number for money transfers.

What Does Routing Number Mean?

In simple terms, a routing number is a nine (9) digit code that is issued to a bank or financial institution to identify the bank.

In the United States, Banks or other financial institutions like credit unions use routing numbers to actually direct the exchange of funds to and from users’ accounts.

So, as a Wells Fargo account holder in Alabama, you will need a routing number for your money transfers.

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What Is The Wells Fargo Routing Number For Alabama?

The official routing number for Wellsfargo Alabama is 062000080.

This means that if you are a Wells Fargo customer in Alabama, you need to enter 062000080 as the routing number for sending and receiving funds in Alabama.

Please note that people confuse bank SWIFT code and sort code with routing number.

SWIFT is also another means of transferring money, but this particular guide is about Wells Fargo Alabama routing number for the United States.

What Will Happen If You Give The Wrong Wells Fargo Routing Number?

If you enter the wrong routing number, then it means your Wells Fargo money transfer will not be successful.

Because of that, you need to take note of the official routing number for Wellsfargo Alabama, which is 062000080.

That is all you need to know about sending and receiving money with your Wells Fargo account in Alabama using a routing number.

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