How To Check My Assupol Policy Online

How To Cancel Assupol Policy Online In South Africa

Do you know it is not a must to call or visit Assupol offices to cancel your policy? In this blog post, I’ll share how you cancel the Assupol policy online.

Whether you have bought an Assupol funeral or life policy, you can cancel the policy if you wish to do so. There are no restrictions to cancel the policy, but there are implications.

It is important to consider the implications of canceling the Assupol policy because if you have been paying the premiums, chances are you lose all the money you have been paying.

 But if you are in a situation where you have no other option but to cancel the policy, then you can do it online without having to go to Assupol offices or talking to their customer care.

Requirements To Terminate Your Assupol Insurance

The most important thing you’ll need before canceling your Assupol policy online is your policy number. The insurance company can find it if you give them your personal information (name, address, phone number, and date of birth), but having the policy number makes the process much easier. It would be ideal to have the policy on hand.

If you’re trying to cancel by email, you’ll need to have the name and mailing address of the Assupol Company.

How To Cancel Assupol Policy Online By Email

If you would like to cancel the Assupol policy online, you can do it by emailing Assupol with your request. You can always provide your insurer a written notification that you want to cancel by postal mail.

 It’s best to mail it with the “Return Receipt Requested” USPS option and have someone sign for it at the insurance company. You’ll have confirmation that you sent them a cancellation letter at that point.

The Assupol email address to use is  Keep track of any emails you send and receive from your life insurance company in an email folder. They might come in handy if things don’t go according to plan.

It may take up to three working days before you receive a response to your mail from Assupol concerning your request to cancel the policy.

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