How To Buy Assupol Shares In South Africa

How To Buy Assupol Shares In South Africa

If you are interested in buying Assupol shares, this is the blog post to read because I’ll share everything you need to know about buying Assupol shares.

If you are a South African citizen and would like to invest your money, you can buy Assupol shares. Assupol is among the ton companies in the insurance industry in South Africa, and by buying shares from this top company, you’re in for good returns.

Here I’ll share how Assupol shares are bought and what to do to successfully buy Assupol shares without hassle.     

How To Buy Assupol Shares IN South Africa

If you would like to buy Assupol shares, you have to end with the 4AX trading platform. Its platform was developed to enable buying and selling Assupol shares, to log in to the platform, you can do that through a 4AX-approved stockbroker like A-Trade Proprietary Limited (A-Trade).

Different account options are available at the A-Trade meant for trading securities on 4AX, for instance, an A-Trade Individual Trading Account. It is free to open the account, and then you can get to buy the Assupol shares.

How To Open An A-trade Account To Use In Buying Assupol Shares

You can open an A-trade stockbroker account and get to buy an Assupol account either through online registration or a call center. Here is how to go about it.

1. Online registration

The first option to open an A-Trade account to buy Assupol shares is through online registration. The following are steps to follow;

Visit the A-Trade registration page.  On the page, there are step-by-step registration prompts you ought to follow and complete the registration.

After completing the process and submitting details, you’ll receive an A-Trade mandate via email, where you sign and return to A-Trade through the email address at

2. Call center registration

You can also register an A-trade account by calling an A-Trade consultant through dialing 087 095 3359. The consultant will assist you in registering the account.

After successfully registering the account, you can log into the account and look for a user or person selling Assupol shares, then start the process of buying them.

Note that people selling Assupol accounts use this platform only; thus, there is no other way to purchase Assupol shares other than getting to this A-Trade platform.

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