How Long Assupol Claims Take

How Long Does Assupol Cashback Claims Take

In this article, I’ll share with you how long Assupol cashback claims take and the required documents to have your claim processed fast. But first, let’s look at Assupol’s cashback.

If you have an Assupol policy with cashback benefit, among the questions which ought to have come to your mind is how long Assupol cashback claims take.

The question is relevant and important to know how long the cashback will be processed even before buying the policy.

What is Assupol cashback

Assupol cashback is among the benefits you get when you buy a policy. The time to claim the cashback depends on the policy you have bought. For instance, you can claim the cashback after three or four years if you have taken the funeral cover.

It is important to note the money paid during the cashback claim is a portion of the premium you have been paying, and that money will not be deducted when you claim the policy.

When you qualify for the Assupol policy, the company will notify you via SMS, and you can choose to claim or not.

Requirements For Assupol Claims

When filing a claim, among the factors determining the length, it will take for the claim to be processed is if you have all the required documents.

The following are the documents you ought to have for your claim to be processed fast.

  •         Policy number
  •         Certified copy of your ID document
  •         Copies of valid bank statements, not older than three months, of the bank account into which the benefit must be paid, showing the account holder and
  •         Account number
  •         basic information, i.e., name, surname, ID number, contact details

How Long Does Assupol Cashback Claims Take

After you have submitted your claim along with all the required documents, your claim will be evaluated, and if it is a valid claim, it will be processed within three workdays.

If you have filed a claim and three days are over and have not received feedback, you then contact Assupol by dialing 0861 235 664 or visit any Assupol offices countrywide. 

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