FNB South Africa eWallet Services

FNB eWallet Services In South Africa, 2023 Services, Qualification & More

Chances are you have heard about FNB South Africa eWallet services.

But do you know what services are in question?

In this quick guide, I’ll enlighten you about FNB ewallet services and, more so, be specific about the services you can access.

FNB ewallet services are meant for FNB customers and Non-customers, provided you are a South African citizen with a Valid ID and cellphone.

It is an easy service to use and makes your transaction faster.

But do you know what eWallet is before diving into FNB eWallet services?

What is an FNB eWallet?

Ewallet refers to a prepaid account that you can use to carry out various transactions offline or online.

The ewallet account holds money electronically and to enable a faster transfer.

The ewallet account in question can be accessed either through a mobile phone or smartphone.

The account can be accessed remotely in the comfort of your home.

What Are eWallet Services?

FNB ewallet services, on the other hand, refer to service provided by First National Bank to its both customers and non-customers to create ewallet accounts and fund it.

Through the account, the holder can send money to a South Africa recipient.

Qualification for FNB ewallet services

FNB Ewallet services are only meant for South Africans with a valid South African ID and cell phone number.

The following are the services you can access after registering the FNB ewallet services account.

Here Are The FNB South Africa eWallet Services

Here are some of the services you can access using the eWallet services in South Africa

1. Send money via eWallet

Among the primary FNB ewallet services is to send money.

After registering for FNB ewallet services and depositing money into your account, you can send it to any South African direct to their mobile phone.

The transfer takes a few minutes, and the recipient can access the money immediately.

There are various ways you can send money through FNB ewallet services, which are using your cellphone, using online banking, using the FNB Banking App, and using any FNB ATM.

2. Withdraw money through FNB eWallet

Another service of FNB eWallet is to withdraw money.

You can save your money to FNB ewallet services and later withdraw it.

Besides, you can also get your payments done through FNB ewallet and get to withdraw them.

You can withdraw the money at FNB ATM OR selected stores.

There are no charges when withdrawing from stores.

3. Buy airtime, data, and electricity Using FNB eWallet Services

With an FNB ewallet account, you can also get to pay your bills from your account.

You can top up your mobile phone, buy data, and pay an electricity bill directly from the FNB eWallet account.

That is all you need to know about eWallet services.

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