Does Moneylion Work With Chime,

Does Moneylion Work With Chime, 2023, Yes, But Read To Know How

If you are a Moneylion user, it may not surprise me if you ask does Moneylion work with Chime. That is because most users have been asking the same thing.

The good news is that, we have dedicated this guide to give you all the details about using Moneylion with Chime.

Chime is an online financial technology company in the United States that confers on its users cost less mobile and internet banking services, including sending and receiving funds from family and friends, requesting and receiving paychecks two days earlier.

It also provides an additional feature of an overdraft that allows users to be credited up to $200 without any interest attached.

With all of these important services it provides, it sometimes faces the challenge of time if there arises any last-minute financial need, like unplanned payments which need to be settled immediately.

In such a case, one of the cash advance apps you can rely on is Moneylion.

However, the crossing question is, “Does Moneylion work with Chime.” Before we answer that, let’s notify ourselves of what Moneylion is and its benefits.

Moneylion is a financial technology company that provides users with an all-in-one mobile banking experience, including; roar money account, instacash advance, moneylion crypto, and auto-invest account.

To access all of these, you will need first to register an account.

Does Moneylion Work With Chime

Yes. Moneylion has established an operational connection with Chime bank. Hence, users can access Chime bank features once they can link their Chime account on the Moneylion platform. 

The steps involved in doing this have been outlined below.

How Do I Link Moneylion To Chime Account

The following are steps to add your Chime account on Moneylion:

  • Open the Moneylion app on your smartphone
  • Proceed to click on Transfers
  • Click on Add Account
  • Select Chime bank
  • Follow the onscreen process carefully to complete the process.

Does Moneylion Charge To Receive Cash Advance

No, requesting and receiving a paycheck does not call for any charge or interest. It is part of the free services offered by Moneylion to its users.

This is where we will end on ” Does Moneylion work with Chime.”

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