Does Empower Work With Chime

Does Empower Work With Chime, 2023, Use Empower With Chime In Minutes

Are you a user of Empower? If yes, then I have some piece of information that is going to serve you a great interest. Do you want to know if Empower work with Chime?

If so, then patiently wait as I tour you through the paragraphs of this article.

At the core of this article is an up-to-date response to the often asked question, “Does Empower work with Chime.” 

What You Should Know About Chime

Chime bank has become well known today for the significant financial services it provides for its members, ranging from transferring to requesting a paycheck before the due date.

Despite all these and other benefits, its users are privy to it, and there is a loose string when users need instant funds to make payments on the go. 

With such a shortcoming with its usage, it becomes frustrating sometimes for its members.

However, with Empower, it is not like that. Hence, in an attempt to jump this hurdle, it leads most users to ask, ” Does Empower work with Chime?”

This is to help them compensate for the loss on one side and enjoy a very reliable financial service.

Empower is a financial technology company, not a real-time bank. Its banking is provided by NBKC bank.

It provides a wide range of financial services that empower financial freedom on the side of its users. All services on this platform can be accessed, provided you have an account with Empower.

Does Empower Work With Chime

Yes, Empower works with Chime. It permits qualified members to access cash advances up to $250. This amount is not interest rate driven. However, there is a charge of $8 as a monthly subscription fee.

Members can connect their Chime bank account once they are approved for a cash advance. To become a member of Empower, you need to create a checking account.

Requirements for Cash Advance on Empower

The following are what you will need to successfully receive a cash advance on Empower:

  • A positive current account balance 
  • A recurring deposit from the same employer
  • Your balance history 
  • The bank account should be open for at least 60 days.
  • Average of two transactions from an active bank account

How Much Is Charged For Cash Advance from Empower

Cash advance from Empower cost nothing. There is no interest rate attached. You pay exactly the amount you were given.

This is where we will end on “Does Empower work with Chime.”

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