Ways To Contact FNB South Africa eWallet Call Center

Ways To Contact FNB South Africa eWallet Call Center, 2023 eWallet Support

If you use the FNB ewallet service, it is imperative you should know ways to contact FNB South Africa ewallet call center.

There are several reasons why knowing how to contact the call center is important, but the main one is to assist you when you send money to the wrong number.

Other reasons as to why FB ewallet call center is important are; for inquiries and complaints.

In this quick guide, I’ll share with you various ways to contact FNB ewallet call center for quick assistance anytime.

FNB ewallet service has helped in easing the sending of money in South Africa.

But like any other service, you may experience some challenges using the service, and the call center will be at your rescue.

The E-wallet is among the great inventions made by South Africa.

Chances are you already know what the service is all about, but I’ll share an overview of what the service is all about.

The ewallet service allows sending and receiving money via electronic gadgets like a phone.

The benefits of this service are that it is a faster mode of transaction.

Sometimes using FNB ewallet service is prone to errors or sending money to the wrong person or bank account.

How do you get assistance? The ideal option is to call the FNB ewallet call center.

Ways to contact FNB ewallet Call Centre

If you were wondering how to contact the FNB call center, worry not.

Below are the various ways to use according to your preference.

1. Contact FNB eWallet Customer Care Via The App

The first option to use and contact the FNB call center is through chatting with FNB ewallet customer care via the FNB app.

You are the one to initiate the chat, and you will receive a response immediately.

The FNB app is available on the Google store and Apple store.

After installing the app the select messages and proceed to the ‘secure chat’ option.

Initiate the chat and get your issue resolved.

2. Use Online Banking Live chat To Reach Wallet Support

If you have registered for FNB online banking, you can also log in to your Online Banking profile and chat with FNB call center customer care.

After login in, click the ‘chat us’ button and initiate the chat. Explain your issues in detail for quick assistance.

3. Contact FNB South Africa eWallet Customer Care Via Phone Call

Another way to contact FNB ewallet call center is by making a call.

The FNB Ewallet call center operates 24/7 thus, you can make the call any time of chat with customer care.

The FNB ewallet Call center telephone number is 087 575 9405.

Those are the various ways to contact the FNB South Africa eWallet call center.

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