Assupol Shares Contact Details

Assupol Shares Contact Details, Get Help About Shares

If you have any questions about Assupol shares, you will find this blog post useful because it entails Assupol shares contact details.

Whether you have questions about buying or selling Assupol, share them then, you can ask the question to relevant customer care through the contact details I’ll share with you in this blog post.

But first, let’s look at the Assupol shares.

About Assupol Shares

With a history dating back to 1913, Assupol is a South African insurance company.

As an insurance company, Assupol provides cheap, simple-to-understand products that provide individuals with peace of mind when they need it most.

Whether you need life insurance, funeral insurance, savings products, or a retirement annuity, you can count on Assupol to put your needs first.

 Furthermore, the company allows its shareholders to sell or buy more shares.

Therefore, if you are interested in Assupol shares and have questions, the contact details below are useful.

Assupol does pay all its shareholders dividends on time, and if you also have a question about dividends, you will find the right contact details to use and get an answer to your questions.

Besides, if you would like to know where to buy the shares or sell them, inquire using the Assupol shares contact details below.

Assupol Shares Contact Details

If you have any inquiries regarding Assupol shares, you can either ask for the following contact details.

Through phone call

The first option is to make a call to Assupol sharers customer care and raise your issue.

The customer care will try to answer your question or give advice on what to do.

You can call Assupol shares customer care by dialing 087 095 3359.

Besides, you can also use this number to inquire about the A-Trade platform, which is used to sell or buy Assupol shares.

Through email

You can also send an email detailing your inquiry to Assupol customers at It is important to note you’ll not receive a response immediately.

You ought to wait for a response within three working days.

Visit The Nearest Assupol Branch

The other option on Assupol shares contact details is to visit the nearest Assupol branch and ask about the shares.

You’ll get a response from customer care and have the question answered one on one.

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