Assupol Retirement Annuity Contact Number

Assupol Retirement Annuity Contact Number, 2023, Assupol Helpline

If you have an Assupol retirement annuity contact’s number, it is imperative to know the contact number to call for questions about your inquiry or assistance.

Here I’ll share with you which contact number to use whenever you have queries or inquiries about Assupol retirement annuity. Before knowing the number, let’s know more about Assupol’s retirement annuity.

About Assupol Life Retirement Annuity

The Assupol Life Retirement Annuity allows annuity owners to save for retirement by making monthly installments or paying a lump sum payment. Contributions to the monthly donation option start at R180.00 per month.

The one-time lump payment option is versatile since it allows new members to invest a quantity they and Assupol agree on.

You can pay a lump sum or make regular contributions to meet your retirement goals. For example, you may make a one-time payment of R100000.00 and then make monthly, quarterly, or biannual installments of R500.00, or whatever frequency is best for your investment.

How The Life Retirement Annuity Works

The Assupol Life Retirement Annuity is managed by Assupol Retirement, a board of trustees controlling the retirement investment. The board of trustees is responsible for ensuring the annuity’s goals are met at all times.

Your contribution(s) to the Carefree Life Retirement Annuity are invested in the investment fund of your choice. Numerous investment funds are available, ranging in risk from low to high.

As a result, whether or not you invest in these funds will be determined by your risk tolerance.

The readily accessible investment funds frequently outperform the 3.5 per cent annual inflation rate.

This isn’t always the case, as investment money fluctuates due to various circumstances, including a financial crisis resulting in a recession or depression or a pandemic such as Covid-19.

Your capital investment may be at risk, but your retirement investment will almost certainly recover and generate income in the long run.

You will only be able to access your money once you reach the age of 55 or become disabled if you invest in the Assupol Carefree Life Retirement.

This investment includes tax advantages to help you get the most out of your retirement money.

Assupol Retirement Annuity Contact Number

If you have been looking for an Assupol retirement annuity contact number, look no further because the number is 0860 103 091. You can dial the number and contact Assupol customer care for assistance or inquiry. 

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