Assupol Life Insurance

Assupol Life Insurance, Find Out How It Works

If you are searching for Assupol life insurance, then this is the blog post to read. It is a comprehensive blog post covering everything you need to know about Assupol life insurance.

Assupol life insurance is designed for South Africans who want to protect their loved ones’ lives when they cannot care for them.

It’s important to accept that there will come a time when you won’t be there, and if you can, you can leave your loved ones financially secure with the Assupol life cover.

Nothing can replace you when you’re not there, but your loved ones won’t have to worry about finances if you have Assupol life insurance. Furthermore, you will have peace of mind knowing that your family will be cared for even if you are not present.

As a South African, the advantages of having Assupol life insurance are far greater than you might imagine, Assupol recognizes the significance of this.

As a result, there is a premium for everyone.

Assupol Life Insurance Plan

There are 4 Assupol funeral insurance plans, and when applying for Assupol funeral insurance, you ought to choose one plan. Here is an explanation of the plan entailing benefits and monthly premiums:

Progress Legacy Plan

Progress Legacy Plan is Assupol’s first life insurance plan. During compensation, you and your spouse are covered. The maximum compensation you can receive is ten million dollars. You will be charged R150 per month if you choose to subscribe to this plan.

Progress 4Life Plan

Progress 4Life Plan is Assupol’s second life insurance plan. During compensation, you will receive a maximum of R1.2 million in benefits. This plan may cover both you and your spouse. This plan costs R120 per month to subscribe to.

Progress 4Sure Plan

Progress 4Sure Plan is Assupol’s third life insurance plan. The maximum benefit you can receive during compensation is R300 000. The monthly fee for this plan is R90.

Progress Accident Plan

The Progress Accident Plan is Assupol’s fourth life insurance plan, designed to ensure that you are compensated in the event of an accident.

A maximum benefit of R1 million is available to you. The monthly fee for this plan is R73.  

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