Assupol Life Coverage Limit

Assupol Life Coverage Limit, 2023, Ultimate Guide

Are you looking at the Assupol life coverage limit? Look no further because you have come to the right place.

In this blog post, you’ll get to learn about Assupol life cover, the plans available, and then the age limit to apply for any of the plans.

It is a comprehensive blog post to understand if there is an age limit when applying for an Assupol life cover.

About Assupol Life Cover

Assupol life cover is one of the Assupol products designed specifically for South Africans. When you or a loved one becomes ill or disabled, the insurance will help financially.

In many South African households, one adult serves as the primary breadwinner; the family can become venerable when that person passes away.

If you are the breadwinner for your family, the Assupol life insurance might alleviate your concerns.

If the worst happens and you have an Assupol Life Cover policy, it will give security and safety to your loved ones. You’ll also enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your loved ones are safe.

Assupol Life Cover Product

There are three plans under Assupol life cover, and each comes with unique benefits.

  • Assupol Progress Accident Plan
  • Assupol 4Sure plan
  • Assupol Progress Legacy Plan

Progress Accident Plan

The Assupol Progress Accidental plan is the cheapest of the three life insurance options available. Individuals can have coverage worth up to a million rand, and the Assupol On-Call option provides medical help. This plan also covers coverage for accidental death.

Progress 4Sure plan

The Assupol Progress 4Sure Plan has a monthly premium of R90. Compensation of up to R300,000 is possible. You and your spouse can be covered under the plan, and for an additional cost, you can also protect your parents and children. If you do not make a claim, all of your premiums will be refunded in ten years.

Progress Legacy Plan

The Assupol Progress Legacy Plan provides clients with a high-quality life insurance product. You can receive up to R10 million during compensation. Some of these scenarios are included in the plan, including critical illness disability insurance.

Assupol Life Coverage Limit

Assupol is not specific on age limit if you would like to apply for any Assupol life cover plans. During the process of applying, they will determine the amount you ought to pay though, depending on your age, and be given a quote.

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