Assupol Life Cover Review

Assupol Life Cover Review, 2023, Benefits & Features Of Life Cover

Are you searching for the Assupol life cover review? You have come to the right place. Here, you’ll learn about the Assupol life cover comprehensively, from what the cover is all about to the plans.

Assupol Life Cover Review

Assupol life cover is among Assupol products meant for South Africans. The cover is meant to assist your loved one financially or you when you get sick or disabled.

Several families in South Africa have one parent as the family’s main breadwinner; when not there anymore, it can lead to the family being vulnerable.

The Assupol life cover can take that worry away as your family breadwinner.

If the worst happens and you have the Assupol Life Cover policy, it will provide your loved ones with the security and protection they require.

You’ll also have the peace of mind that comes from knowing your family is in good hands.

Assupol Life Insurance Plans

There are four plans under Assupol Life; Progress Legacy, Progress 4life, Progress 4sure, and Progress Accident plan. Each plan is unique and comes with its benefits.

Progress 4Sure Plan

The Progress 4sure plan is the least expensive of the four life insurance options. The amount of the monthly payment that you must pay justifies this. The plan costs R90 per month and offers a five-year option to extend the coverage amount to R1 million.

Progress 4life Plan

The Progress 4Life plan is a level above the Process 4Sure plan and superior to the Progress 4Sure plan. With a higher premium, there are additional advantages to this coverage.

Not only will you have greater life insurance, but you will also have better funeral insurance.

The maximum payout on this plan is R1.2 million, including R20,000.00 in funeral coverage.

The Progress 4Sure Plan has a monthly premium of R120, which is R30 higher than the Progress 4Sure Plan.

So, if you choose this plan, you can receive more for an extra R30.

Progress Legacy Plan

This is the most expensive but best of Assupol’s life insurance plans. As the name suggests, Assupol is for people who wish to leave a lasting impression.

This strategy attempts to provide a legacy for the policyholder’s beneficiaries that will last for decades, if not millennia.

Progress Accident Plan

There are no blood tests or medical exams required for this plan. The Assupol Progress Accident Plan provides coverage for you and your entire family in the event of an accident.


Individuals can choose from various Assupol life cover plans offered by Assupol Insurance Company. Plans are well-calculated and tailored to meet the demands of diverse individuals.

The plans are reasonably priced every month.

Before you go out and get a life insurance policy, keep in mind that various factors will determine your rates.

So, before purchasing a life insurance policy, familiarize yourself with what Assupol will want of you.

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