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Assupol Funeral Cover Products, Find All The Available Products

Are you looking for details about Assupol funeral cover products; you have come to the right place. Assupol funeral cover is one of the Assupol policies, and it has several plans tailored to meet every South African need.

Here I’ll share Assupol funeral cover products with you and then choose which products suit you best.

Assupol Instant Funeral Plan

One good option is the Assupol quick Funeral Plan. It includes features such as On-Call Plus, which includes Accidental Death coverage, Assupol On-Call, Family Income coverage, premium waivers, and cashback.

You can apply for this plan either online or at an Assupol office near you. After completing the application form, Assupol will provide you with a price for the amount you should pay.

Absolute Advantage Funeral Plan

The Absolute Advantage Funeral Plan allows you to plan your finances from the convenience of your own home, and it includes far more than simply funeral coverage.

Whether you are single or have a family, the plan costs R75 000 per month, and you pay until you die as the policyholder.

Excellence Family Funeral Plan

If you prefer to handle your financial planning in person, the Excellence Family Funeral Plan is for you. It has a number of features, including cashback, on-call plus, and many others.

The plan costs R70 per month and provides a respectful funeral for you and your loved ones.

Cornerstone Pensioner Plan

Assupol’s Cornerstone Pensioner Plan is a cost-effective solution for government grant recipients who require funeral coverage. It has a variety of low-cost premiums and sufficient cash benefits to meet the expenditures of a dignified funeral.

The Cornerstone Pensioner Plan, unlike similar funeral policies, has no age limit and does not require a medical check.

In addition, members may cancel their membership in the plan at any time, without penalty or notification.

Premiums are straightforwardly deducted from state funds. Proper underwriting management ensures the scheme’s actuarial soundness.

This is crucial since most people join at an elderly age (over 60), with limited prospects of being subsidized by younger persons with reduced insurance risks.

The Cornerstone Pensioner Plan’s monthly minimum premium is R70.

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