How To Port To FNB Connect

How To Port To FNB Connect, 2023, First National Bank South Africa

Are you searching how to port to FNB connect despite not having an FNB sim card?

You have come to the right place.

I’ll enlighten t you step by step on how you can port to the FNB connect network despite using other networks like Vodafone or MTN.

FNB connect portability is a service of its kind which allows one to keep the existing mobile connection but to another cell phone network provider in South Africa or vice versa. 

Porting is the process of switching from one mobile phone network provider to another. 

It is easy to port from your FNB connect network to another network and port from another network to FNB connect.

How To Port To FNB Connect In South Africa

The process of porting to FNB connect from another network is easy and straightforward. Here are the steps to follow.

The first thing you have to do is get into a contract with FNB Connect online.

Visit FNB connect and click on the porting box and fill in details on your mobile phone porting section to port to FNB connect to the network.

Other details required include;

  •         Current network
  •         The current mobile phone number you wish to port
  •         Your account number
  •         Identity Number

After entering all the details above, you’ll receive an FNB Sim Card after the porting process is completed successfully.

FNB Connect will then submit your porting application to the new network, and if successful, the porting of the mobile number will take up to 24 hours to be completed.

Once everything is completed successfully, you’ll be notified through SMS to your mobile telephone.

Once notified, everything is a success, and then you can insert the newly issued FNB Connect Simcard into your phone.

You can immediately start using the FNB connect with your ported mobile telephone number.

Once you receive the porting success SMS, you can insert your new FNB Connect SIM card into your phone and start using FNB Connect with your ported mobile telephone number.

Benefits Of Porting Your SIM To Your Connect

There are advantages of porting to FNB connect.

One of the advantages is that you get to keep your other network mobile number but use a different network.

Hence, you’ll not lose connection with your contact although you are using a new network.

Another advantage is perhaps the network service provided by FNB Connect is weak in your region, and another cell phone network provider may provide a better network service.

Also, there is a better pricing structure from another cell phone network provider (called a tariff).

You may want to move from FNB Connect to another cell phone network provider for various reasons.

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