How To Open Fidelity Bank Account Online In Nigeria

How To Open Fidelity Bank Account Online In Nigeria

Do you know you can now open a Fidelity Bank account online in Nigeria? Yes, Fidelity Bank has now launched a portal where non-customers can create accounts, either savings, current, or business accounts. 

If you do not know the procedures to open an account online, worry not. In this guide, I’ll show you how to open a Fidelity bank account online in Nigeria.

Holding a Fidelity Bank account comes with so many benefits, including internet banking access, flexible payments, 24-hour transactions, bill payment, airtime purchase, among many others. 

Digital banking services have been very instrumental in the banking industry these days. In Nigeria, one of the banks that has spearheaded the ebanking banking services is the Fidelity Bank. 

With their numerous banking services, they have now added an online account opening service, and you don’t need to go to any of their branches to open an account. 

That is because you can now create a Fidelity Bank account on your phone online.

Moreover, before you can do that, you must take note of the requirements. In fact, the service is available to everyone, but not people under 18 years of age, which is why you need to know the qualification requirements. 

Therefore, before we can proceed with the process of opening the account, let us find out the things you need.

Ways To Open Fidelity Bank Account Online

If you are in Nigeria, you can use any of the following ways to open an account with Fidelity Bank online:

1. Fidelity Bank Nigeria Mobile App

2. Fidelity Bank Nigeria Official Website

Requirement To Open Fidelity Account Online

To create a Fidelity Bank account online in Nigeria, below are the things you need:

1. Email address

2. Mobile phone number

3. National identification card

4. Bank verification number(BVN)

5. Fidelity Bank Mobile App

6. Smartphone

7. Active Internet Connection

How To Open Fidelity Bank Account Online In Nigeria

To successfully open a Fidelity Bank account online in Nigeria, follow the steps below:

1.Visit the Fidelity Bank Nigeria official website here:

2. Click on “Open Account” at the top menu of the site.

3. Next, scroll down a bit and click on “Open Personal Account.”

4. Click on “Open New Account.”

5. Next, you will be presented with two types of accounts to choose from(Current and Savings)

6. Select “Savings” if you want to open a savings account or “Current” if you want to open a current account.

7. Choose between “Open with BVN” or “Open without BVN.”

8. Enter your BVN depending on the option you chose in step 7. Enter your BVN or proceed without BVN.

9. Next, fill in all your valid information, including your full name, email, phone number, occupation, and more.

10. Now, go through to ensure that you have entered the right details.

11. Next, click on “Submit” to proceed with the account opening process.

12. Follow the instructions on the next page to complete the process.

13. Your details will be reviewed by the Fidelity Bank online account opening teams.

14. Once all your details have been approved and verified, an account with fidelity bank will be opened in your name.

15. Your new Fidelity Bank account details will be sent to your email address.

That is how to open a Fidelity Bank account online in Nigeria.

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