How To Increase The FNB Overdraft Limit

How To Increase The FNB Overdraft Limit, 2023 Overdraft Limit

Are you searching for how to increase the FNB overdraft limit?

Well, you have come to the right place.

Moreso, you’ll find this article useful as it has all details on various ways you can increase the limit at the comfort of your home.

FNB does revise the amount of overdraft you can access from time to time, and it is important to keep in check and get to know when your limit has increased.

The bank understands you need access to more money to take care of your expenses or emergency.

It is also for that reason they have made it straightforward to increase your limit after allowing access to a higher limit.

Below are various ways you can access your account and increase the limit without hassle.

How To Increase FNB Overdraft Limit Via Online Banking

If you want to increase your FNB overdraft limit online, then follow the basic steps below:

1. Visit the FNB website

2. At the top of the page, enter your online banking details

3. Click login

4. Tap the For Me tab.

5. Choose loans

6. Select overdraft

7. Select Overdraft Limit to change your limit.

8. Enter the new limit offered

9. Select the Continue button.

10. Select the Apply button after confirming the details you have entered are correct.

11.  Select the Finish button to complete the process.

Visit the nearest FNB branch To Increase Your FNB Overdraft Limit

You call FNB customer care and request to have your overdraft limit increased.

Customer care will process you, and you can even ask how long it will take.

The FNB customer care number is 087-575-9404.

Contact FNB Customer Care Through Email To Increase Your Overdraft Limit

Another option to get your FNB overdraft limit increased is to request customer care by writing an email at

Customer care will reply to your email within 72 hours.

Benefits of Increasing Your Limit

Have enough Backup in case of emergency

If you have an emergency or an unforeseen bill, you can be assured that you have additional funds without applying for a new loan.

A higher limit means you have enough to take care of the emergency.

Allows you to avoid taking out too many loans

If you need additional funds, you may wish to consider taking out another loan.

You won’t have to think about paying off various loans or accounts every month if you increase your Overdraft cap.

Enhances your credit score

Your credit score is determined by how you manage your credit.

Overdraft is among the credits you can take and if you manage it well will enhance your credit score.

If you can manage a high amount it increases your FNB credit score. 

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