How To Get A Fidelity Bank Token

How To Get Fidelity Bank Token, 2023, Create A Fidelity Bank Token Now

Are you a Fidelity mobile banking client in Nigeria? If you use the mobile banking App to make your transactions. Then you need to get a Fidelity Bank token. But how can you create a token via the mobile app? Worry not. This simple guide shows you the simplest way to get a mobile banking token PIN on the Fidelity Bank App.

One of the most important things in using the mobile banking service on the app is your token.

That is because your token is what you will use to authenticate every transaction you make through your bank account on the app.

However, there are two procedures you can use to acquire an authentication token is either through the mobile app or from the nearest branch.

Typically, you only need to create one through their mobile banking app for a quick transaction. But for some obvious reason, sometimes you may be required to visit the nearest branch to get yourself a token.

Suppose you have registered for the mobile banking service, read this guide below to find out how to create a token pin.

What Is Fidelity Bank Token

A Fidelity Bank token is a unique pin that every mobile banking client uses to authenticate their mobile app transactions. Also, internet banking clients require a token to approve any transaction they make through their bank account online.

However, you must note that you have registered for internet banking service mobile banking to use the token.

Types Of Fidelity Bank Token

Below are the times of Fidelity Bank tokens:

1. Soft Token

2. Hard Token

Fidelity Banks Soft Token

The Fidelity Soft token is the type that you can generate through the token app on your phone. It requires installing a token app on your phone and connecting to the internet to generate it.

Also, soft tokens have a validity period within which you must use them.

Fidelity Bank Hard Token

The Fidelity Bank Hard token is an authentication code that you will need to apply through the bank to get it. With the hard token, you can use it anytime you want, which means that it does not expire like the soft one.

Requirement To Create Fidelity Transaction Token

Below are the things you need to create a Fidelity Bank authentication pin:

1. Android or iOS smartphone

2. Google Play Store or iOS app stohow to get fidelity bank tokenre
3. Active internet connection

4. Fidelity Bank internet banking details.

5. Data bundle.

How To Get a Fidelity Bank Token

To get a Fidelity Bank token, here are the basic steps to follow:

1. Open the Google Play Store or iOS app store on your smartphone

2. In the search bar, type in “Fidelity Bank token App.”

3. select the first search results and click on install.

4. Wait for a few minutes as the app is downloading to install.

5. After the application is installed on your phone, and you will receive a notification.

6. Open the app tray on your phone and tap on the token app.

7. Follow the simple instructions to activate the token using your internet banking details.

That is how to get a Fidelity Bank transaction PIN in Nigeria.

Finally, you know how to get an authentication PIN for all your mobile banking transaction.

We shall do our best to update this guide regularly, so do not hesitate to come back and read more.



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