How To Convert Airtime To FNB Connect Data

How To Convert Airtime To FNB Connect Data, 2023, FNB South Africa

Do you have airtime in your FNB connect Sim card but don’t know how to convert it to data bundles?

Worry not; you have come to the right place.

I’ll share with you the easiest way how to convert airtime to FNB connect data without hassle.

The convert FNB Connect airtime to data choice is designed to make converting usable airtime into data as simple as possible.

This is appropriate in a variety of circumstances.

Converting FNB Connect airtime to data is an easy way to turn your airtime into data.

Whether you’re running low on phone internet and need data quickly or you want to access the internet without using up your monthly data allowance.

The FNB Connect data bundles even enable you to safely access your account online and learn how to convert credit to data bundles.

You’ll be able to read and send messages, browse Facebook, play a few online games, and watch a video or two from there.

You would be able to remain linked using your airtime balance as your data is transferred from airtime.

How To Convert Airtime To FNB Connect Data

FNB connect offers different data pricing; you have first to check your airtime balance before converting the airtime to data.

That way, you get to know which data plan to choose according to the airtime balance on your phone.

If you know the airtime balance, then here is how to use airtime to FNB Connect data.

How To Buy Data Bundles Using First National Bank Connect Account

The ideal and straightforward way to convert airtime to FNB Connect data is on your mobile phone.

The following are steps to follow:

1. Using the mobile Dial *130*321#

2. Follow all the prompts.

3. Enter option 1 (Prepaid).

4. Select Bundles.

5. Select Data.

6. Select enter if you are buying for another number

7. Enter the number to be recharged

8. Select from the list the bundles which correspond to your airtime balance

9. Counter check if you have entered the right details, and if not, make the necessary changes

10.  Select the applicable option.

11. Select Confirm if you are certain you have entered the right details.

12. You’ll receive confirmation SMs on the mobile phone screen. 

If you are subscribed to the contract plan, you can still follow the above steps to buy data bundles.

Only that you don’t even need to have airtime because the amount will be added to your monthly bill.

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