How To Close An FNB Account In South Africa

How To Close An FNB Account In South Africa, 2023, Follow This Simple Guide

Most people want to know how to close FNB account in South Africa but do not know how to do that.

That is why we have created this article.

If you have an account with First Nation bank and would like to close it, the bank allows you to go ahead and make the request.

In this article, I’ll share with you how to close an FNB account in South Africa without hassle.

There is no direct way you can close an FNB account; you ought to contact FNB customer care and make a request. 

Customer care will initiate the process, and it may take weeks, depending on the type of account.

Before requesting to have your account closed, the bank requires you to meet certain requirements.

If you don’t meet these requirements, the bank will reject your request immediately.

Things You Must Do Before Closing Your FNB Account

1. No payments are made to the account

It takes about two weeks for the account to be closed, but the bank will not close the account if any payments are received.

To prevent this, cancel all payments associated with your account. Divert the payments to another account.

2. The account balance has to be Zero

FNB explicitly states that an account with a positive or negative balance cannot be closed.

Shift funds to another account or withdraw money if you have a positive balance.

If you have a negative balance on your record, you must pay the debt.

The negative balances arise as a result of the Global account’s monthly charge.

You could have a negative balance because you have a credit card connected to the account and have used it.

Another possibility is if there are monthly payments to use the account.

How To Close FNB Account in South Africa

If you have no questions about your account and the balance is zero, then you can go ahead and request that the account be canceled via FNB customer service.

You do not have the option to close the account other than contact FNB South Africa customer care.

Here are several options for contacting customer service and having your FNB account closed for you.

How To Close FNB Account Via email

You can request FNB to help you close the business account by writing an email at

Ensure the email has details on why you would like to close the account.

Contact FNB South Africa Customer care To Close Your Account

You can also call the FNB call center and request to terminate the business account.

The FNB call center telephone number is 087-575-9404.

Using the FNB Live Chat To Terminate Your Account

You can also initiate FNB business account cancellation by visiting the FNB website and click the ‘Chat us’ button.

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