How To Cancel FNB Overdraft In South Africa

How To Cancel FNB Overdraft In South Africa, 2023, Follow These Steps

Today, we will show you how o cancel FNB Overdraft in South Africa with a hustle.

Overdraft is one of the products offered by First National bank to customers with cheque accounts.

But to access the overdraft, you have to apply and also meet the qualification and bank assessment. 

Equal to a voluntary application, you can also choose to cancel your access.

Several situations may lead to canceling access to FNB overdraft, such as the temptation to use the overdraft even if you have no emergency.

Either way, you may feel the bank is not offering you the limit you would have wished, and you’re no longer interested in what they are offering you.

No matter the situation which prompts you to think about canceling your access to FNB overdraft.

In this article, I’ll share with you various ways how to cancel the overdraft without hassle.

Before canceling the overdraft access, you have to pay the amount you have overdrew or used.

If you have not paid what you owe the bank, your request will not be accepted.

Another important thing to note is that you can get back and apply for the FNB overdraft even after cancellation.

The bank will not limit you to apply again, but you have to follow the application process.

After the second application, the limit may be increased, decreased, or remain the same before canceling.           

How To Cancel FNB Overdraft In South Africa

The following are various ways you can cancel access to FNB overdraft.

Choose which way suits you best and which you think you will be satisfied with.

Call FNB customer Care To Cancel Your Overdraft

The first ideal way to cancel FNB overdraft access is to call FNB customer care and request to initiate the cancellation.

You can call customer care by dialing 087-575-9404.

Calling the customer is preferable if you would like a quick response.

Reach Out To The Customer Support Via Email To Terminate Your Overdraft

Another way to request for FNB overdraft access cancellation is by sending an email at

Your email ought to be comprehensive and focus on your request.

The customer care will reply to the email within three business days or sooner.

Visit The Nearest FNB Branch In South Africa To Terminate Your Overdraft

If you feel the above two ways are hard for you, then visit the nearest FNB branch.

You’ll get in touch with customer care at the bank, who will guide you on how the cancellation will take place. 

Visiting the bank is the best way as you’ll leave the bank having an answer to your request. 

That is how to cancel your FNB Overdraft in South Africa.

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