How To Activate FNB Connect

How To Activate FNB Connect, 2023, FNB Connect Account South Africa

Here is how to activate FNB connect account in South Africa.

Do you know you can order an FNB sim card and get to activate it on your own?

Well, it is possible.

I’ll enlighten you on how to activate the FNB connect Sim card in various ways.

FNB Connect is a mobile network provider launched by First National Bank.

The network offers voice and data connection services to the customer with an account with the bank. 

Thus, first, you have to meet the qualification criteria, then gate the Sim card and activate it to get connected.

If you already have the FNB sim card with you and looking at how to activate it, here are ways to do it.

It is up to you to opt which suits you.

How To Activate Your FNB Connect SIM Card At An ATM

You can activate your FNB Simcard by visiting the nearest FNB ATM.

There are ATMs in almost every part of the country.

With the assumption, you are the ATM machine, here are steps to follow:

  •         Insert the FNB card linked to your FNB account
  •         Enter your PIN to get started
  •         From the Main Menu, click More Options.
  •         Select FNB Connect, Prepaid & LOTTO.
  •         Select FNB Connect SIM Card Services.
  •         Select Activate SIM.
  •         Select the relevant SIM to be activated.
  •         To confirm activation, select proceed.

How To Activate Your FNB Connect SIM Using Cellphone Banking

You can also activate your FNB connect sim card through the FNB cellphone banking service.

The following are steps to follow:

1. Dial *120*321# using the phone number linked to your FNB account

2. Enter your login details

3. Select FNB Connect.

4. Select Activate SIM.

5. Select Enter serial number on the Sim card

6. Select Confirm.

7.  After successful activation, you’ll receive SMS confirmation.

How To Activate Your SIM Card Online

The other way to activate your FNB Connect is through an online banking service.

Below are steps to follow:

1. Visit the FNB website

2. Enter your username and password.

3. Click the login button

4. Select My SIM Cards

5. Select Activate next from the list of the Sim card you want to activate.

6. Confirm if the details of the SIM are correct, then select Activate.

7.  Enter your OTP (One Time Pin), then select Submit.

8. Select Finish.

Visit The Nearest FNB Branch

The last option on how to activate the FNB Connect Sim card is by visiting the nearest FNB branch and activation request.

At the bank, everything will be done for you.

Hence, if you view the above ways as complicated, opt for this option. 

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