How To Activate Access Bank ATM Card

How To Activate Access Bank ATM Card, 2023, Access Nigeria ATM Activation

Do you want to activate your Access bank ATM? Then here is a complete guide with full guidelines on how to activate the new Access bank ATM card.

Now the convenience of accessing your bank account where ever you go with an ATM makes it a jealous one for every customer to have it.

However, before you can enjoy the Access bank ATM services, you must apply for the card at the nearest bank branch or where you hold an account with Access Bank Nigeria.

In spite of the fact that you have applied for the ATM card until you have activated it, and there is no way you can use it. But how can you activate your new Access bank Automatic Teller Machine card?

Well, this article discusses all that, and within a few minutes, you shall know the procedures you must follow to activate your ATM account.

So let proceed with what you need to activate your card.

Requirements To Activate Your Credit or Debit Card Details In Nigeria

Here are the things you need to activate your Access bank ATM debit card:

1. Your Access bank account number

2. Details of the identification documents you used to apply for the ATM.

3. Your full name.

4. ATM card number.

Those are the things you need to activate your ATM card.

Steps To Activate A New Access Bank ATM Card In Nigeria

To activate your new Access bank ATM Card in Nigeria, here are steps to follow:

1. Kindly call the Access bank Nigeria on any of these numbers: 012712005, 012712006, or 012712007.

2. Request for ATM card activation.

3. Provide the right details you might be asked to provide.

4. Wait for a few minutes as your details are being verified to see you are the true owner of the card.

5. Once the details you provided have been verified, and the customer service agent will activate your card Instantly.

That is how to activate your new Access Bank ATM.

How Long Does It Take To Activate New Access Bank ATM Card

Activation of a new Access bank ATM card is instant, and once your details have been verified, your card will be activated to transact.

It does not take more than 5 minutes for your new Access bank ATM to be activated.

All you need is to provide the correct details.

That is all we have for you concerning Access Bank ATM activation, and we shall do our best to give you more relevant information anytime there is are some changes.

Kindly stick to this post for more details.

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