How Does FNB Business Petrol Card Work

How Does FNB Business Petrol Card Work In South Africa

Are you wondering how does FNB Business Petrol Card Work? In this article, I will share with you all you need to know about how FNB business cards work. More so, I will share with you how to apply for the card.

If you own a car, you know you need to fuel it, whether business or personal.

First National bank claims to make your fueling easier such that you don’t need to have the cash to fuel your car.

You can use the FNB business petrol card to fuel your trucks or business cars.

The FNB business Petro Card comes with several advantages, including free AA roadside assistance worth R100.00 per month, up to 15% back when you use the card to fuel.

Without forgetting, you can get a credit card where you use it to fuel your business card and pay later.

What You Need To Know About The Petrol Card

FNB business Petrol Card is a type of credit card issued to business owners to use and fuel their car.

When applying for the card, you’ll be prompted to choose from the two variants, either a stand-alone card or a credit card-linked Petrol card.

Even before applying, you need to meet the requirements, including a minimum of R84, 000.00 per annum, among other requirements.

You’ll have to pay a card maintenance charge of R55.00 per month after being issued with the card.

How Does The FNB Petrol Business Card Work?

The FNB business card works straightforwardly. You have to apply for the card, and approval will be relevant if you meet the requirements.

After being issued with the card, you can use it to fuel at any of the fuel stations in South Africa. Additionally, you can use the card for car maintenance and toll fees.

You cannot use the business petrol card to pay for other services or payments but can use it to pay for your motor vehicle services.

If you qualify for the Business petrol credit card, the bank will determine the credit amount and repayment terms.

What you to apply for the FNB business Petrol card In South Africa

If you need to apply for the FNB business petrol card, here is what you need:

  • South African ID
  • Provide recent three months bank statements
  • A recent payslip
  • Proof of residence

Even though the bank will request these essential documents, it doesn’t mean you’ll be automatically approved.

The bank will evaluate your credit score, especially if you’re applying for a business petrol credit card.

Besides, the bank may request more documents added to the ones I have mentioned above.

That is all we have for you about how does FNB Business Petrol Card Work.

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