BPI Junior Savings Account Requirements

BPI Junior Savings Account Requirements, 2023, Find The Full List Below

This guide has been outlined to provide you with firsthand information about BPI Junior Savings account requirements. 

Making sure your kid’s tomorrow is secured is a priority of every parent. And in our world nowadays, it is very easy to secure the financial freedom of your ward before he/she comes of age.

Almost all banks have designed accounts purposely for parents to save something for their kids. 

At the Bank of the Philippines Islands (BPI), the Jumpstart account for kids comes with various benefits for everyone who registers for one.

Nevertheless, before opening one, it is important to know the conditions that surround the opening of the account, like the BPI Junior savings account requirements.

BPI Junior Savings Account Requirements

Below are the requirements for the BPI Kiddie Savings account:

  • An age range of 10-17 years.
  • Original copy of the Birth certificate of the kid issued by PSA or School ID authorities by the school head. That is to verify the identity of the kid as an account holder.
  • Two recently taken colored passport pictures were taken. 
  • Proof of address 
  • A minimum initial deposit of Php 100

How Long Does It To Open BPI Junior Savings Account

It takes an estimated time of fifteen (15) to thirty (30) minutes to open a BPI Junior savings account once you are eligible for it and have successfully applied for it.

Also, it can take even less than that in some instances. Once you have applied to open the account, the BPI customer support team will contact you on what to do next. 

What Is The Savings Account Minimum Deposit

The minimum initial deposit for a BPI Junior Savings account is Php 100.00. This amount is also referred to as the minimum initial deposit for the account.

Once this amount is deposited, the account is activated and ready for operations. It is with this same amount that the account starts to earn interest. 

For more concerns and inquiries, kindly visit https://www.bpi.com.ph/bank/savings/jumpstart

This is where we will end on BPI Junior Savings account requirements.

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